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One of the most common requests we get from our customers is for lockable freestanding wine fridges, wine fridges or wine cabinets. If you've gone to the trouble of buying a wine fridge to safely store your wine from the elements that can cause damage like extreme heat, UV light or vibration, you'll probably also want to protect it from the light fingered elements within your own home who may want to help themselves to your best bottles! View our full range of lockable wine fridges.

There are many methods with which to keep your wine cabinet secure, the easiest being an integrated lock and key and around half of our wine coolers come with locks already fitted. However, you can also buy external locks and keys and even combination fridge locks that would also keep your wines secure and may prove to be a better financial option if your favourite wine fridge doesn't come with a lock. The only disadvantage of this style of lock is that it stands out from our wine cooler, both in colour and dimension and if your wine fridge is in your home, this may not be an acceptable option vs a wine cabinet out of sight in the garage for instance,

Wine coolers with integrated locks

Most lockable wine coolers lock from the bottom and use regular padlock style keys to keep the wines secure. These are keys that would be compatible with any wine cabinet within that model or even for any wine cabinet from that brand. However, if your teenager or parent are willing to go to the lengths to find a key that fits that model then they almost deserve a bottle for their ingenuity! 

Most wine fridges will come with two keys and most wine cabinet owners will opt to carry one and keep another in a safe place in their home.

The full range of Swisscave wine coolers come with lock and keys, these are fitted at the bottom but most brands save their lockable features for their best wine coolers.

Most wine cabinets for long term wine maturation also come with lock and key but not all of them. Check the fact box on each product page to see if the unit comes with a lock and key.

You can filter our search results for wine coolers with integrated locks too.

Best lockable built in wine fridge

Our vote for the best lockable built in wine fridge goes to the Swisscave WL155DF, a premium, quiet, dual zone wine cooler that can be freestanding or built in with a sturdy integral lock. At 600mm width, the typical size for a built in unit, this wine cooler will be suitable for most traditional homes with a gap for undercounter wine fridges.

Best lockable wine cabinet for ageing

For serious oenophiles, the La Sommeliere ECELLAR185 isn't just a wine cabinet; it's the world's first SMART wine cabinet. With the ability to sync to Vivino and manage your wine collection online, your wines wont only be lock and key secure they'll also be digitally classified. Taking wine geekery to new levels, the ECELLAR185 is our most popular wine cabinet for wine collectors.

Best lockable wine cabinet for restaurants

High end restaurants want to display their very best bottles to encourage their clientele to buy. There are actually three wine cabinets that are lockable but also have gorgeous aesthetics and display shelves, they include the Dunavox DX-143468B - wine cabinets that grace the board rooms of premier league football teams and F1 HQs alike. The Swisscave WLB-460FLD, a favourite of the Gordon Ramsay restaurant chain offers full display stacking on sapele wood shelves. Finally the La Sommeliere PRO160DZ, a more affordable but very stylish option thanks to their sideways on bottle stacking.

Best small lockable freestanding wine cooler

If you're looking to cellar around 100 bottles of wine then there are lots of lockable options around this bottle capacity with our most popular selling wine cooler of any type; the La Sommeliere ECS80.2Z, being our recommendation here. This dual zone wine cooler looks great and comes with a list of features that are normally reserved for wine fridges £500 or more expensive.

External locks for wine fridges

If your favourite wine cooler doesn't come with an integrated lock, no problem, there are external options you can purchase either with lock and key or combination lock.

External Wine Fridge Lock

Although they'll do a similar job to the integrated lock, they do stand out as clearly not part of the wine cooler aesthetic and this puts many people off. These external locks can be bought from Amazon and range from £20-£50.

Replacement keys for wine fridges

Although wine cabinets tend to come with a couple of keys, if you need more they can be purchased from us at any time and typically cost between £10-£20 each.

If you need advice on which wine fridge with lock to buy use the chat facility to speak to an expert who will be happy to help.

Sarah newton

Author - Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton has worked in the wine industry for two decades holding senior positions at some of the UK wine industry's leading brands. The MD of Coolersomm, Sarah is WSET certified and our lead wine buyer too.