Montpellier Wine Coolers

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Montpellier - 166 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - WC165XMontpellier - 166 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - WC165X
Montpellier - 166 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - WC165X
  • Freestanding/Built-in
  • H 180cm W 59.5cm D 70cm
  • Bottle Capacity - 166
  • Dual Zone - 5-20°C
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Montpellier - 181 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - WC181XMontpellier - 181 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - WC181X
Montpellier - 181 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - WC181X
  • Freestanding/Built-In
  • H 183.5cm W 65.5cm D 68cm
  • Bottle Capacity - 181
  • Dual Zone - 2-20°C
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Montpellier - 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - WC46XMontpellier - 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - WC46X
Montpellier - 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler - WC46X
  • Under Counter/Built-in
  • H 87cm W 59.5cm D 57cm
  • Bottle Capacity - 46
  • Dual Zone - 2-20°C
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Montpellier history

Launched over twenty years ago in Gloucestershire in 2002, Montpellier Appliances are the only British premium wine cooler producer currently on the market. 

Montpellier features

The popularity of this brand stems from the stainless steel designs and full stack shelving in all their units plus the lower temperature ranges within their dual zone machines which satisfy the British thirst for well chilled Champagne and sparkling wines. These are the only wine coolers in our range to go down to 2°C.

Freestanding or Built-In Montpellier Wine Coolers?

The question of freestanding or built-in doesn't need to be asked with Montpellier wine fridges. These wine fridges are all front venting and as such can all be built in to a designer kitchen as long as the grille at the bottom front of the wine cooler is not covered, hot air will be expelled from here allowing the unit to function.

Dual Zone or Single Zone Montpellier?

All the Montpellier wine coolers are dual zones with the exception of the WC19X, the thin undercounter unit. The dual zones often have very wide ranging temperature controls which can be set as low as 2°C for the benefit of those who love chilled sparkling wines.

How does Montpellier protect your wine?

Every Montpellier wine cooler is built for the service of wine rather than ultimate long term storage;

  • UV Protection -  Every Montpellier wine cooler benefits from a UV protected glass door so no harmful rays can pass through to your bottles.
  • Temperature -  All Montpellier wine fridges can be programmed between 2-20°C either as a single or a dual zone wine cooler. This wide ranging temperature allows you to store or serve white, red or Champagnes.
  • Low vibration - Any unwanted vibrations in a wine cabinet will cause the wines to age prematurely. Vibrations don't just cause noise, they also cause the sediment in your wine to become agitated and disturbed, reducing the longevity of your wine as it ages. All Montpellier have low vibration compressors.

What types of wine coolers do Montpellier offer?

Montpellier wine coolers come in both undercounter, built-in or freestanding options with most units operating as all of these types thanks to the front venting nature of the coolers.

Which are the best Montpellier wine coolers?

Our three top selling Montpellier wine coolers are listed below.

Top Selling Montpellier Wine Cabinet - Montpellier WC181X

Montpellier, a British brand, offers the wine collector a large capacity, dual zone wine cooler at the most cost-effective price on the market. We recommend this wine cooler for the wine lover who wants the versatility of a dual zone wine cooler at a great price. This wine cooler is versatile, has plenty of shelves and can be used for storage or service.

Top Selling Dual Zone Montpellier - Montpellier WC165X

Montpellier are a UK appliance brand who offer six wine fridges to the UK market, the largest capacities are the 166 and 188 bottle models. This model benefits from a high bottle capacity at 166 bottles, dual temperature zones and is stylish and practical with 14 Beech wood shelves allowing quick and easy access to your wine. One of our best selling wine coolers at just over £1,000 thanks to that stylish design and value for money.

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