Best Freestanding Wine Fridges under £1000

The #1 question we're asked here at Coolersomm is which are the best freestanding wine fridges under £1000? Like any request for 'best', what is best for one person may not be best for another with some valuing looks over bottle capacity and others valuing value for money. So in order to try to quantify which are the best wine fridges under £1000 we awarded marks out of 10 to our whole range on the following criteria;

  1. Value for money
  2. Number of bottles that can be cellared
  3. Additional features
  4. Energy efficiency and quietness
  5. Aesthetics

Based on these factors we have been able to able to quantify which are the best freestanding wine fridges under £1000 and the results are as follows...

#5 - LA SOMMELIERE LS38A - £699

A few years ago silver wine fridges were all the rage, today they're out of fashion however what never goes out of style is reliability and utility. The LS38A is part of La Sommeliere's service range, it's both narrow (so easy to store around the home) and jam packed full of features including a preservation system, which makes it score very highly in additional features and value for money.

The unit has one temperature zone, programmable between 5-20°C, but also the Preservin system inside with 3 caps included allowing for the preservation of open bottles for up to 3 weeks. Perhaps a great option for those who were going to invest in a wine cooler and a Coravin.

#4 - CLIMADIFF CD90B1 - £995

New for 2022, the CD90B1 has replaced the CD101B1 from well known, reliable premium brand Climadiff. With the ability to store around 90 bottles of wine, two, wide ranging temperature zones and a great, modern look, this unit scores highly for aesthetics, bottle capacity and value for money.

Attractive in piano black, with a UV protected, reversible door, sliding wooden shelves and on/off LED lighting, this wine cooler will look great in any room in the house and comes with a two years parts and labour warranty.

#3 - VESTFROST VKG571 - £939

A favourite with bars and restaurants due to the long warranty, low running costs and large bottle capacity at such a keen price, the VKG 571 offers reliable long term storage, within a single temperature zone with carbon filter too allowing for storage as well as wine service.

From Danish brand, Vestfrost, and with a 3 year warranty, the VKG 571 is quiet at just 40 decibels and excellent value for money. Although frequently bought as a commercial wine fridge, the wide ranging ambient temperature zone and quiet running means it's perfectly fine to use in a home setting too. This wine fridge makes the list thanks to its large bottle capacity. At 116 bottles, this is the largest bottle capacity sold under £1000.

#2 -DUNAVOX DXFH-48.130 - £779

For those looking for a wine fridge that can hold around 50 bottles, the DXFH-48.130 ticks all the boxes for stylish with display shelves, attractive internal LED lighting and a modern design that would suit any home.

A single zone with seven removable wooden shelves, this wine cooler is perfect for those with a range of wine bottle shapes thanks to partial shelf removal. Dunavox is a reliable European brand who offer one of the longest warranties on the market at 3 years parts and labour and 5 years on the compressor.


New for 2022, the La Sommeliere SLS102DZBLACK is a sleek, quiet and handle-less wine fridge from premium brand, La Sommeliere. The upgraded and updated version of our best seller from 2021, the SLS102DZ, this wine fridge is bursting with features and has a very high bottle capacity for a wine fridge at this price of 102 bottles.

With the dual zone feature, this wine fridge can be used for the storage or service of both red and white wine. With a reversible door, wooden shelves and an operating dB of just 38, the SLS102DZBLACK has the looks, the energy efficiency, quietness, capacity and features to win our battle of the freestanding wine fridges.

Would an extra £50 buy a better wine fridge?

If you had the ability to stretch the budget by another £50 then the lockable, winter system included La Sommeliere ECS81.2Z is available and a step up in quality from the SLS102DZBLACK, but has a smaller bottle capacity at 75 bottles.

Would an extra £100 buy a better wine fridge?

If storage capacity is what you're after then an extra £100 can take you from 102 bottles to 166 bottles with the Montpellier WC165X.

If you're unsure of the best wine fridge for you, please speak to us via live chat and we'd be happy to make a personal recommendation.


Sarah newton

Author - Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton has worked in the wine industry for two decades holding senior positions at some of the UK wine industry's leading brands. The MD of Coolersomm, Sarah is WSET certified and our lead wine buyer too.