Swisscave Premium Edition Wine Fridges

The Swisscave Premium Edition range of wine fridges are Swisscave's flagship production line and the pride of this Swiss wine cooler producer. All the units in this line, from the kitchen line to the freestanding wine fridges are jam packed with extra features and stylish finishing touches that put them that bit ahead of the Classic Edition and miles ahead of the premium wine fridge competition.

The Swisscave Premium Edition wine fridges boast a huge array of features. These include flexible MIX shelving that allows a better distribution of bottle types throughout the unit, flow-through cooling technology, even temperature distribution, odour-free storage, humidity control, and even premium shelving in some units made of mahogany wood which is extra able to absorb vibration. In addition to having lower energy consumption than the Classic range, the Swisscave Premium Edition line also boasts a lower noise level often between 35dB and 38dB.

This article will explore the highlights of the Premium Edition range of freestanding wine fridges in more detail so that you can make an informed choice when you are looking for a quality wine cooler. As an official UK partner to Swisscave and offerig our own extended warranties on these products, we are confident that, aside from Eurocave, Swisscave's Premium Edition wine fridges are the best premium wine coolers on the market for the money.

Swisscave Premium Edition Features

When you buy a Swisscave Premium Edition wine cooler, you’re getting more than just a stylish design that blends into your home. These wine coolers are packed full of features that enhance the experience of storing and serving your wines in style.

  • Flexible MIX shelving: There is plenty of room for all bottle shapes and sizes due to the innovative flexible shelves that can be positioned anywhere on walls of the cooler and whose 'every other row' design assure an even mix of bottle shapes through the cooler. Each row as you go down a Swisscave Premium edition wine fridge has shelves optimised to either Bordeaux or Burgundy/Champagne, giving the max possible bottle capacity for the internal volume of the unit to those with a mixed wine collection. If your collection is majority Bordeaux or majority Burgundy or majority Champagne, the shelves can be reconfigured and extra shelves bought.
  • Flow through cooling: The patented flow-through system ensures even temperature distribution throughout the product – no hot spots or cold spots on the outer edges or top or bottom of the wine fridge.
  • Odour-free & humidity control: With a unique air circulation system, you can ensure that there are no unpleasant smells from food or other items stored in the same unit as your precious wine collection. This is thanks to the carbon filter that comes with the wine fridge. Some Swisscave Premium Editions have manual humidity controls for the wine collector who wants that level of control (look for the acronym HU in the product name). Otherwise most Premium Edition coolers come with automatic humidity management.
  • Low energy use & low noise levels: Swisscave have worked hard to ensure these units run efficiently while keeping down costs for both initial purchase price as well as ongoing running costs, the low decibels ensure that when the units are 'built-in' to your kitchen they are seamlessly a part of the kitchen design and do not add noise.
  • Winter System/Heating: Allowing for garage or cellar positioning, the Swisscave Premium Edition range can all operate at a range of ambient operating temperatures, so if the temperature in your room dips, the winter system will gently warm the inside of the unit to bring your units to a stable temperature.
  • Rotation Blue/Amber/White lighting: The Premium Edition units have full strip lighting throughout the wine cooler that can be changed from blue to amber to white or off. 

What is Flow Through Cooling?

Flow through cooling is a method of cooling that uses a freon-based refrigerant to draw heat out of the wine cooler and place it in the external environment. The process starts with a compressor, which converts electricity into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy then moves through pipes, compressing gas molecules together until they become liquid, known as "saturated" or liquefied gas.

The compressed gas enters a condenser, where it goes through an expansion valve (i.e., "machinery"), converting thermal energy into kinetic energy and creating cold temperatures.

Finally, this cooled liquid passes through hoses and tubes to move throughout your Swisscave Premium Edition Wine Cooler — meaning no extra equipment needs to be purchased!

Even temperature distribution

Even temperature distribution is the foundation of a wine cooler that keeps your bottles at their optimum drinking temperature for longer. The Swisscave cooling system is designed to distribute the correct amount of cold air through each of its zones, ensuring every bottle in your collection has access to a perfectly chilled spot.

To ensure an even distribution of temperature, Swisscaves have multiple components working together:

  • A fan pulls in hot air from outside the unit and forces it through a condenser coil, where it's cooled before being released back into the room as cool air. This process creates a constant stream of cold air that circulates around each zone inside the unit. In a three-zone wine cooler like the Premium Swisscave (which includes one section dedicated solely to cooling white wines), this means that each zone gets its own supply of cool air at all times—and because each zone has its own separate compressor and evaporator coil, you won't have any trouble keeping track of which bottles belong where!
  • Each evaporator coil features ceramic cores made from fiberglass insulation wrapped around metal plates; these are designed specifically for optimal heat transfer so that they can suck up heat from anything stored near them without transferring any unwanted flavours or odours onto whatever they're holding on behalf

Best Selling Swisscave Premium Edition Wine Cabinets

The Premium Edition units range from 8 to 180 bottle capacities and from 15cm wide to 60cm wide and from 82cm high to almost 200cm. They come in single zone, dual zone, freestanding, built in, integrated and kitchen ranges. There is a Swisscave Premium Edition for every type of wine lover. The below four Swisscave's are our top selling units that are particularly popular with kitchen designers, restaurants, bars and hotels. The Swisscave classic edition and premium edition wine fridges are popular with bars ad restaurants and often used as commercial wine fridges.

Swisscave WLB-460F-MIX - Our top selling Premium Edition Swisscave is their full height, single zone unit most commonly bought for long term wine maturation by our household customers. These units are also frequently purchased in multiples of 3 or 4 by hotels and restaurants and we've supplied many units to up-market bars, restaurants and hotels throughout London who need precision service temperatures and ease of access thanks to the durable shelving.

Swisscave WLB-160F-MIX - Swisscave's most popular undercounter unit is their single zone WLB-160F-MIX. Often bought in pairs with one of the units having its door reversed so the set open from the middle, the Swisscave WLB-160F-MIX is popular with kitchen designers who appreciate the clean lines and modern aesthetic.

Swisscave WLU-160DF - A stunning undercounter wine cabinet that is popular with kitchen designers looking for that wow factor. The WLU-160DF is truly striking in appearance but with all the wine cooling and maturation technology of the large maturation cabinets.

Swisscave WLB-460FLD - A showcase work of art for your wine. A full stack, display shelf wine cooler for the serious oenophile. These units are very popular with wine bars and collectors who have their own rooms dedicated to displaying their favourite bottles.

Have you found the right Swisscave for you? Speak to us on live chat for the most up to date recommendations from the Swisscave range.

Sarah newton

Author - Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton has worked in the wine industry for two decades holding senior positions at some of the UK wine industry's leading brands. The MD of Coolersomm, Sarah is WSET certified and our lead wine buyer too.