Swisscave Classic Edition Wine Fridges

There are few things in life more satisfying than sitting down with a glass of wine and taking the time to savour it. But if you've ever opened a bottle and found it had turned to vinegar, or was in possession of faulty aromas, then you know how disappointing this can be. With proper storage, your wines will keep their flavours and freshness for years - and even decades. Choosing the right wine cooler over the longer term can be tricky, do you go for the cash saving of a cheaper brand but end up replacing the unit over a shorter period of time, or do you go for Swiss quality and longevity and opt for a Swisscave (or Liebherr, our other ultra-premium brand)

Quality storage is paramount when it comes to appreciating wine over the longer terms and the Swisscave range has the least returns, replacements or repairs of any of our wine coolers because the build quality is just that much better.

Either the Classic or Premium edition Swisscave wine fridges will both ensure the longevity of your wine, but what are the differences between the two? Our next two blogs deep-dive into the world of Swisscave wine fridges and focused today on the value range; the Classic Edition, which are still some of the best quality wine fridges on the market!

Swisscave Classic Edition Wine Cooler

The Swisscave Classic Edition uses cutting-edge cooling technology and the latest materials to preserve their contents at optimal temperature, low vibration, darkness and humidity for as long as possible. Whether you're storing wines from your own collection or buying a wine cabinet for a restaurant or commercial use you can rest assured that these wine fridges have everything you need to protect the precious bottles from damage due to temperature fluctuations or exposure to light sources like sunlight or fluorescent bulbs. 

They differ to the Premium editions really only slightly, that is in terms of aesthetics, the lighting, shelving and outer casing is different, a slight boost to energy efficiency and noise levels but other than that, both are equally good at caring for your wines. Potentially the Sapele shelf version of the WLB, premium edition range offers that bit more vibration control, but it's of minimum benefit.

A Popular Wine Storage Choice

The Swisscave range is our top selling premium brand and a top choice for some of London's best known bar, restaurants and hotels. We've sold these units to Gordon Ramsay, Intercontinental Hotels, the Savoy and all manner of bars and restaurants with the highest levels of standards in fine wine and it's preservation.

Our private collectors too turn to Swisscave when looking for the same quality of storage as Eurocave but at half (Premium edition) or a third (Classic edition) of the price, preferring to spend the remainder on a couple of cases of first growth Bordeaux than a brand name alone.

The classic edition may not have the MIX shelving or the tri-coloured LED lighting, but most of the technology you find in the Premium range exists in the Classic range, with the differences being mainly aesthetic.

The Swisscave classic edition and premium edition wine fridges are popular with bars ad restaurants and often used as commercial wine fridges.

Where do you put your Swisscave?

All the Classic Edition Range (excluding the 8 bottle cooler) are suitable for storing wines over the longer term as well as being suitable for storage and can be positioned in a garage or outbuilding thanks to their winter systems. This means they can warm the temperature up inside the unit if the ambient temperature is too low as well as cooling the wines down.

What happens if you don't store your wine properly?

Wines stored correctly can last for decades, wines stored poorly can be spoiled within a year. Here are some common types of damage:

  • Oxidation – Oxygen in the air interacts with the liquid to form chemicals called “oxidants,” which cause browning, loss of aroma, and undesirable flavors like vinegar or sherry-like aromas. The temperature controls ensure the corks are not freezing or shrinking due to heat or cold and so the measured and necessary oxygenation through the cork will happen undisturbed. The managed humidity levels in the unit will also ensure the cork remains undamaged.
  • Cork Taint – When wines under cork are exposed to too much heat, they can develop unwanted qualities due to tainted corks leaking out through the bottleneck area into your glass when poured. This occurs mostly in older bottles that have been stored at high temperatures over an extended period of time (such as 20-30 years). The temperature controls will see to that.
  • Light Strike - All Swisscaves have UV protected, double glazed doors ensuring light strike does not prematurely age your wine.

How long can a Swisscave store your wine for?

A limitless amount of time. The Swisscave Classic Editions have a 2 year warranty that can be extended to 4 but with proper care of your wine cabinet it should last many more years and protect your red, whites and Champagnes for many years to come.

The best way to maintain your unit is to keep it clean and clear from debris and dust around the venting area and replace the carbon filter at least once per year.

The carbon filter is there to prevent bad odours from developing inside your wine fridge and attacking the cork, possibly contaminating your wine.

What versions of the Classic Editions exist?

The most popular units are the undercounter single and dual zones, the WL155F and the WL155DF as they are perfect for a kitchen setting. Then the WL455F and WL455DF, the single and dual zone full height versions of the Swisscave Classic Edition are next. These are ideal for those with 150+ bottles of wine to store or serve and popular with restaurants.

The Swisscave WL355F and WL355DF are mid height wine coolers and ideal for those whose space requirements prohibit the full size WL455F and WL455DF versions.

The Bottom Line

So, if you're looking for a premium wine fridge, the Swisscave Classic Edition is ideal. It's durable, high quality, has all the features you need for long term storage or service, is energy efficient and looks great too. The units can also be built in as well as offered as freestanding wine fridges giving great versatility and flexibility, the ability to house them also in a garage or cellar also adds to that flexibility of use.


Author - Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton has worked in the wine industry for two decades holding senior positions at some of the UK wine industry's leading brands. The MD of Coolersomm, Sarah is WSET certified and our lead wine buyer too.