Energy-Efficient Commercial Wine Fridges: A Green Choice for Your Business

When purchasing a commercial wine fridge there are more costs than the ticket price and there are more benefits than simply the storage of wine. In today's blog post we're going to investigate what makes a wine fridge energy efficient and which are our recommendations for the top 3 energy efficient wine fridges for commercial businesses like bars, restaurants and hotels.

How to understand which wine fridges are energy efficient?

All wine fridges upon manufacture are given a European energy efficiency rating. These ratings are lettered from A-G with A being the most energy efficient. No wine fridge has an A for energy efficiency because wine fridges are competing, not against other wine fridges, but any electrical appliance, even a lamp! 

Due to this you need to look at the actual numeric calculation of the kWh/annum calculation. Most wine fridges will be somewhere between 100-200, although we have some lower than 80 and some higher than 200, however, it is not fair to say a wine fridge of 80 kWh/annum is more energy efficient than one of 200 kWh/annum because, most likely, the 80 kWh/annum wine fridge is just smaller and keeps few bottles cool. So you need to take the kWh/annum and then divide it by the bottle capacity - the lower than number, the real energy efficiency of the fridge.

Without paying attention to energy efficiency in a wine fridge, and just thinking of the sticker price, on large fridges, you could cost you business £500 or more in running costs.

What impacts a wine fridge's energy efficiency?

1) Recent technology is always more energy efficient

A huge percentage of wine fridge manufacturers budget goes into making their fridges greener. The latest models of the same wine fridge are almost always quieter and more energy efficient than last years model. So ensure you buy a model manufactured in the last 12 months.

2) Single zones are more energy efficient than dual zones

Single zone wine fridges contain just one compartment that needs to be kept at one temperature, dual zone wine fridges contain two, there's less work to do in a single zone so they're always more energy efficient than their co-equivalent. 

3) Solid door wine fridges are more energy efficient than glass door wine fridges

Heat escapes through the glass, solid doors make the fridges better at preserving the temperature without working.

4) Premium brands are almost always more energy efficient

It's no coincidence that some of the greenest wine fridges are from the industry's top brands. Look at Liebherr and EuroCave for energy efficiency.

5) External and internal temperatures being closely matched

If your wine fridge is placed in a cold garage and you've set the internal temperature at 18°C, that wine fridge will need to battle constantly to warm the internal capacity Vs that same fridge being placed inside the home where the ambient temperature will be close to 18°C

6) Energy efficient compressors

The heart of any refrigeration system is its compressor. Opting for a wine fridge with an energy-efficient compressor can significantly impact overall energy consumption. Look for models that utilise variable-speed compressors or advanced technologies like inverter compressors. These innovations allow the compressor to adjust its speed based on cooling demands, leading to more efficient operation.

Which wine fridge brands are the most energy efficient?

Generally, Liebherr, Swisscave and EuroCave, however, there are some units from mQuvee, Climadiff and others where the kWh/annum is under 100.

Which are the most energy efficient wine fridges for bars and restaurants?

For back of house, opt for a wine fridge with a solid door, these are almost always more energy efficient and cheaper to purchase than UV protected glass door wine fridges. However, if we're talking about front of house, many wine bars and restaurants want wine fridges where they can showcase their wines. So for the purpose of our top three fridges we will concentrate on freestanding wine fridges that hold over 100 bottles and have a UV protected glass door and display shelves.

MQUVEE VELVET 125 - Mid Priced

The mQuvée Velvet series is the high-end choice for wine fridges offered by Swedish brand; mQuvée. This range allows for personalized wine storage and includes four standard shelves, while offering the option to add wine drawers and shelves in any desired arrangement to showcase and preserve one's wine collection. The Velvet 125 model has a compact depth of 57cm, making it suitable for installation in a kitchen cavity.

The front ventilation design removes the need for open space around the fridge. Key features of the Velvet 125 Glass unit include customizable humidity controls for extra wine and label protection, adjustable shelves, a carbon filter for optimal wine aging, a winter system that enables placement in garages, and the ability to use the fridge as either a built-in or standalone unit.


The WLB-460DFL-MIX is not only visually appealing, but also offers a sleek design in both freestanding and built-in functions. Its premium mahogany shelves and white/amber or blue ambient lighting add to its sophisticated appearance. This wine cooler is the perfect choice for those looking to display and easily access their wine collection, with its attractive telescopic shelves.

This fridge can be used for both serving and storing wine, equipped with carbon filters and two separate temperature zones: 5 - 16°C for the lower zone and 9 - 20°C for the upper zone. The unique MIX shelving system accommodates both Bordeaux and Champagne/Burgundy bottles, making it an excellent option for those with a diverse wine collection.


The Eurocave - Royale Wine Cabinet - V-ROYALE-L - 124 Bottle is the premier choice for both professional and serious wine collectors. This beautifully designed and precisely engineered wine cabinet, made in France, is backed by a 10 year warranty and offers the most advanced temperature and humidity controls. As the pioneers of wine refrigerator technology and renowned for their exceptional customer service, Eurocave sets the standard for wine storage. Whether you are looking for maturation or serving, the Eurocave Royale delivers unparalleled performance.

 If you're looking for an energy efficient commercial wine fridge and need some help choosing, you can visit us at our CoolerSomm store in London or speak to our team of experts via live chat.

Sarah newton

Author - Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton has worked in the wine industry for two decades holding senior positions at some of the UK wine industry's leading brands. The MD of Coolersomm, Sarah is WSET certified and our lead wine buyer too.