Best Wine Fridges 2023

Which is the best wine fridge to buy?

The word 'best' is always a tricky one to quantify. For some people, 'best' means the cheapest, for others it is the best value for money, for others still, the best quality to price ratio and for others; the ultimate, premium wine fridge. For the purposes of this article we will focus on both the 'best value for money' and then 'best premium wine fridge'.

When it comes to making purchasing decisions, the concept of "value for money" is often at the forefront of our minds. But what exactly constitutes good value for money? Is it simply a matter of finding the lowest possible price, or are there other factors to consider? In this blog post, we'll explore what constitutes good value for money and provide some tips for making smart purchasing decisions.

Defining Value for Money

At its core, value for money is about getting the most out of the resources you have available. In the context of purchasing decisions, it means finding products or services that provide a high level of quality or utility relative to their price. However, the concept of value for money is not as simple as finding the cheapest option available. While price is certainly a factor, there are a number of other factors that come into play when assessing the value of a product or service.

Factors that Contribute to Good Value for Money

  1. Quality: The quality of a product or service is one of the most important factors when it comes to value for money. A product that is well-made and built to last will provide better value in the long run than a cheaper, lower-quality alternative that may need to be replaced frequently.

  2. Functionality: The functionality of a product or service is also an important factor when assessing value for money. A product that meets your specific needs and requirements will provide better value than one that doesn't, even if it is more expensive.

  3. Durability: The durability of a product is closely related to quality, but refers specifically to how well a product will hold up over time. A product that is designed to last for years or even decades will provide better value than one that needs to be replaced frequently.

  4. Brand reputation: The reputation of the brand that produces a product or service can also be an important factor when assessing value for money. A brand with a good reputation for quality and reliability may be worth paying more for, as you can be confident that you are getting a product that will perform well over time.

  5. Customer service: The quality of customer service provided by a company can also contribute to value for money. A company that provides good customer service and is willing to help resolve any issues that arise with their products can provide better value than one that doesn't.

  6. Cost savings over time: In some cases, a product or service that is more expensive up front may provide better value over time due to cost savings. For example, a more energy-efficient appliance may cost more initially, but will save money on utility bills over the long run.

Tips for Finding Good Value for Money

  1. Do your research: Before making a purchasing decision, take the time to research different options and compare prices, features, and quality. This will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you are getting the best possible value for your money.

  2. Look beyond price: As we've discussed, price is just one factor to consider when assessing value for money. Don't make the mistake of choosing the cheapest option without considering other factors like quality, durability, and functionality.

  3. Consider the long-term: When assessing value for your new wine fridge it's not the buying price alone that constitutes value for money but also running costs, maintenance costs and reliability. This is why it's essential to choose a great brand.

Best Premium & Luxury Wine Fridges

Here's our advice on the wine fridge we would choose as the wine fridge experts for the very best premium and luxury wine fridges.

Best Premium Wine Fridge 2023

Freestanding Tall Wine Fridge

Liebherr Vinidor WTES 5872 - The premium, attractive, whisper quiet and uber-reliable Liebherr Vinidor 178 Bottle Triple Temperature Zone Wine Fridge is a rare gem as it offers three individual temperature zones so suits a wine collector who has specific cellaring and service needs. This wine fridge will allow you to use two thirds of the fridge for cellaring or service, instead of being limited to the normal 50/50 split of most wine fridges. This unit is also the quietest wine fridge on the market at just 35 decibels from market leaders, Liebherr.

Freestanding Small Wine Fridge

Dunavox DX-70.258B - From premium kitchen wine fridge producer, Dunavox, comes the DX-70.258B, a single zone, freestanding wine fridge or built-in wine cooler that's ideal for a width gap of 600mm and will compliment any kitchen design. The only label facing, undercounter wine fridge in our range, the DX-70.258B is packed with premium features including white LED lighting, a wide ranging, single temperature zone and label facing shelving. It also benefits from a long warranty of 3 years parts and labour with a 5 year warranty on the compressor. 

One of our quietest wine fridges at 38dB and superbly energy efficient, the DX-70.258B wine cooler has the looks and the features to compliment any luxury kitchen design. The temperature zone can be set between 5-20°C so can be used for service or storage of white wine, red wine or Champagne. The white, amber, blue LED adjustable lighting can be turned on or off. Champagne and wider shaped bottles fit on all shelves.

Built in Full Size Wine Fridge

Swisscave WLB-460DFL - One of the most visually appealing wine coolers on the market, the WLB-460DFL offers a sleek design in either a freestanding or built in function with premium mahogany shelves and white/amber or blue ambient lighting to illuminate all the shelves. This is a wine cooler for those who want to showcase their wine collection and have quick and easy access to their wines on attractive, telescopic shelves. This wine cooler can be used as a service or cellaring wine cooler as it comes with carbon filters and two separate temperature zones the lower can be set between 5 - 16°C and the upper between 9 - 20°C. The MIX shelving on this unit alternates between shelves designed to maximise space for Bordeaux bottles and then shelving ideal for Champagne or Burgundy bottles making this a super choice for those with an extensive and varied wine collection.

Built in Under-counter Wine Fridge

Swisscave WLB-160DF - This new Premium Edition wine cooler from Swisscave offers an elegant, brushed aluminium appearance combined with premium Swisscave cooling technology. The WLB-160DF wine fridge can hold up to 45 Bordeaux style bottles without shelves and 40 when the telescopic beech shelves are installed. With two temperature zones and winter heating, this wine cooler will protect your wine day and night in warm or cool ambient temperatures ensuring your wine is at the perfect serving or storage temperature at all time.

The SWISSCAVE WLB-160DF comes with a range of handles, or no handle, to offer a perfectly centred symmetry and can be used as a freestanding unit around the home or commercial setting or built-in to your kitchen.

Integrated Small Wine Fridge

Dunavox DAVG-49.116DOP.TO - The fully integrated Dunavox DAVG-49.116DOP.TO allows you to attach your own kitchen cabinet door to the front of the wine cooler for a seamless look and feel. This dual zone, 49 bottle integrated wine fridge offers top quality wine cooling technology, a premium design with elegant finishing touches such as multi-colour LED lighting and Push2Open technology, two temperature zones that can be set between 5-20°C offering the ideal serving temperature for reds, whites and Champagne. There is space in the lower zone for Champagne and larger format bottles to be stored.

This wine cooler has been designed to be integrated into a kitchen cabinetry and is available in black or stainless steel to compliment your kitchen. The handle-less door offers a streamline design, the quality compressor ensures quiet running and the long warranty guarantees a quality choice for any designer kitchen.

Integrated Large Wine Fridge

Liebherr EWTgw 3583 - The highest quality, slimline, quietest and best looking integrated wine cooler on the market is the Liebherr Vinidor EWTgw 3583, this model is the stainless steel version. With two temperature zones adjustable between 5-20°C this wine fridge offers the flexibility of partial service and partial storage or dedication to either. This integrated wine cooler can hide behind a kitchen unit door or be displayed seamlessly in a 178cm aperture. The tip open door technology negates the need for handles allowing the clean lines of your kitchen to stay clean.

Full Height Wine Cabinet

La Sommeliere ECELLAR185 - Introducing La Sommeliere's first smart wine cellar from their award-winning Traditional range, new in 2023 and with the latest cellar management technology.

Combining traditional wine maturation with the latest bottle recognition technology, the ECELLAR185 closely mimics the conditions of a tradition Chateau cellar holding a steady temperature (which can be set between 5-20°C) and uses a carbon filter to benefit the long term maturation of wine. These traditional maturation techniques paired with the latest technology in mobile app cellar management (compatible with Vivino) makes the ECELLAR185 the ultimate wine cellar for the modern wine collector.

Best Value for Money Wine Fridges

Here's our tips for the very best value for money wine fridges.

Best Value for Money Wine Fridge 2023

Freestanding Tall Wine Fridge

La Sommeliere CTVNE147 - New in 2023, the excellent value CTPNE147 from La Sommeliere offers the latest wine maturation technology and a generous cellaring capacity of 147 bottles. The unit provides the perfect environment for long term, fine wine maturation with a securely held single temperature zone programmable between 5-20°C, solid, reversible door for total darkness, automated hygrometry controls and carbon filter to reduce bad odours and keep the air clean within the unit. 

The tall, slim and narrow dimensions, plus the modern design makes this an aesthetically appealing wine cabinet to place anywhere inside the home. The quiet running, just 39dB, also makes it a good option for home use. This is one of the best bottle storage to cost of appliance ratio wine cabinets on the market and is fitted with the very latest in wine maturation technology and with an F energy rating is one of the most energy efficient too.

Freestanding Small Wine Fridge

Swisscave WL155F - The brand new Classic Edition Swisscave WL155F is a premium wine cooler from respected, preeminent cooler brand; Swisscave. Specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into kitchens or stand-alone around the home, garage or utility room this beautifully designed wine cooler is equally at home in living or commercial spaces. With the ability to store up to 47 Bordeaux style bottles, this single zone unit can be used for long term storage or service thanks to its wide ranging temperature controls.

Swisscave’s cooling technology is greatly admired and these units are able to hold their temperature and humidity in narrow ranges regardless of ambient temperature dips ensuring that, whether you’re serving the finest Claret at Christmas or a Burgundy at a birthday celebration, this wine cooler will deliver wines at the perfect temperature every time.


Built in Under-counter Wine Fridge

Swisscave WL155DF - From preeminent cooler masters, Swisscave, comes the brand new WL155DF dual zone mid-capacity wine cooler. This beautiful, brushed aluminium wine cooler adds to the appeal on any kitchen, living space or commercial setting. With the ability to store up to 45 bottles of wine (40 with all sliding shelves fitted), this dual zone wine cooler keeps both red, whites or Champagne at the ideal serving or long term storage temperature and with a charcoal filter, is suitable for ageing even the finest wines from grand cru Burgundy to first growth Bordeaux, your wines are masterfully protected.

The dual temperature zones operate an upper zone range of 9°C - 20°C and 5°C - 16°C in the lower zone. The Swiss precision of the temperature and humidity controls ensures you can pull any bottle at any time and be certain of the optimum drinking temperature and condition. 

Integrated Small Wine Fridge

Avintage AVI60PREMIUM - A rare find in the world of integrated wine coolers at this price, one which can serve both red and white wine at the perfect temperature thanks to its dual temperature zones with two separate ranges, the upper for white wine (5-12°C) and the lower for red wine (12-20°C). The clean line design and handle-less, push to open UV protected door make the AVI60PREMIUM visually appealing and perfectly suited to any modern kitchen.

Integrated Large Wine Fridge

Dunavox Soul 89 - A sleek addition to any designer kitchen, the Dunavox Soul-89 DX-89.246TB triple zone, 89 bottle integrated wine cooler offers top quality wine cooling technology, a premium design with elegant finishing touches such as blue LED lighting a rare, triple temperature zone function this is the ideal, in-column, integrated wine cooler for the wine lover who wants red, white and sparkling wines all at their ideal serving temperature. There is also a display shelf for your finest bottles.

This wine cooler has been designed to be integrated into kitchen cabinetry and is available in black or stainless steel to compliment your kitchen. The door is reversible allowing two units to be placed together side by side and open from the middle. The three temperature zones can be set between upper 5-18°C, middle 5-10°C and lower 10-18°C and a minimum of 3 degrees must separate them all.

Full Height Wine Cabinet

Climadiff Reserve 300XL - New in 2023, the Reserve range from Climadiff offer the very latest advancements in wine maturation technology and the Reserve 300XL is their largest capacity model. Climadiff are the premier brand in the market for trusted wine cabinets and this range comes complete with winter system, allowing them to be kept in colder locations like garages & outbuildings. At just 38dB and 144kWh this is one of the quietest and most energy efficient wine cabinets on the market too.

With solid door and an exterior made from anthracite coal grey sheet metal your wine will remain undisturbed in total darkness and away from harmful UV light. The Reserve 300XL comes with 4 fixed and 1 wooden sliding shelf, a charcoal filter to prevent bad odours and automatic humidity regulation. The technology inside the cooler is designed to most closely replicate the conditions in a traditional Chateau cellar to allow your wines to develop to their optimum flavour profile over the decades.

These are our tips for the very best premium and best value for money wine fridges on the market in 2024. If you have any specific needs come and visit us in our London store or call, email or speak to us on live chat for personalised, expert recommendations.

Sarah newton

Author - Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton has worked in the wine industry for two decades holding senior positions at some of the UK wine industry's leading brands. The MD of Coolersomm, Sarah is WSET certified and our lead wine buyer too.