Last Minute Christmas Wine Gifts

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift for that special wine lover in your life? Then you've come to the right place!

You can order for Christmas 2021 delivery up until the 21st of December for wine accessories and up to the 15th of December for guaranteed Xmas delivery on wine fridges.

Today we're looking at our top 5 selling gifts for Christmas so far in 2021 and providing a bit of inspiration for the lost and confused amongst you! There's still time to order your wine gift for Christmas, but hurry!

Best Wine Cabinet Christmas Gift

We sell dozens of wine cabinets so it's not easy to pick just one, however, our top selling unit in the lead up to Christmas has been the Climadiff CPW204B1. Able to cellar just over 200 bottles, this wine cabinet is efficient, quiet, flexible and comes from top French brand, Climadiff.

One of Europe's best known producers of wine cabinets and wine coolers with a long and illustrious pedigree, Climadiff offer reliable and functional wine coolers at an affordable price. We recommend this wine cabinet to those who need a large bottle capacity cellaring solution at a very keen price. This suits the wine lover who has some products to age and some to drink right away! This wine cabinet is available for £1599.

Best Wine Fridge Christmas Gift

With 130 wine coolers onsite it's not easy to pick just one, however, our top selling unit in the lead up to Christmas has been the La Sommeliere ECS80.2Z. This wine fridge provides dual zone technology allowing you to use the wine fridge for partial service and partial storage or full time service for both red and white wines.

With a wide ranging temperature setting of both zones from 5-20°C and a good storage capacity of 75 bottles, lock and key, winter system (allowing the wine cooler to be placed outside the home in an insulated garage for example), this versatile wine cooler is both premium and great value for money. From respected French brand, La Sommeliere, these units also last well beyond warranty in most cases. This wine cooler is available for £1045.

Best Wine Glass Gift

Our top selling wine glass this year has been the Jancis Robinson X Richard Brendon The Wine Glass set with both sets of 2 and 6 flying off the virtual shelves. A premium present this universal wine glass is actually great value as it's ideal for reds and whites forgoing the need to have a cupboard jam packed with varietal wine glasses. This will make a welcome gift for a wine lover of reds and white wines from anywhere around the world. A pack of two glasses is currently available for £68.50.

Best Wine Game Gift

The Le Nez du Vin aroma kits are not only amazing training gifts for Sommeliers they are also just great fun at dinner parties too. 

These bottles of small scents, developed in France, can keep for up to 5 years and were designed to train sommeliers to recognise the most prominent aromas in wine, they have since been developed further from the original concept to add not just fruit aromas and vegetal aromas but also oak, wine faults and even packs specifically for Armagnac or Whisky are now sold.

The Le Nez du Vin aroma kits can be purchased from as little as £67.

Best Decanter Gift

Our top selling decanter so far for Christmas 2021 has been the Jancis Robinson X Richard Brendon Young Wine Decanter currently selling for £95.

The Young Wine Decanter is a decanter designed specifically to enhance the expression of young wines through aeration.

Mouth blown in Slovenia and with a 1.5 litre max capacity (so this decanter can aerate single bottles and magnums) this decanter is both aesthetically pleasing and effortlessly aids the evolution of young wine; it also provides a talking point around any dinner table.

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Sarah newton

Author - Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton has worked in the wine industry for two decades holding senior positions at some of the UK wine industry's leading brands. The MD of Coolersomm, Sarah is WSET certified and our lead wine buyer too.