Le Nez du Vin - Jean Lenoir

Jean Lenoir, inventor of Le Nez du Vin, was an extraordinary man who sadly passed away last month but will be long remembered for his amazing contribution to the wine industry and inspiring many a WSET student onto greatness as MW or MS with his sensory memory aids.

A native of Paris, France, Jean Lenoir left behind a legacy of oenology knowledge that has helped generations of wine lovers explore and appreciate the nuances of the world’s finest wines. Lenoir was born in 1929 and developed an early interest in wine. He studied oenology at the University of Bourgogne and later began working as a wine buyer for a Parisian restaurant. It was during this time that he developed the idea for Le Nez du Vin, a set of aroma kits that would allow someone to train their nose to recognize and identify the aromas of a wine. In 1978, Lenoir launched the first version of Le Nez du Vin and today the collection is going strong with ventures outside of wine and into Armagnac, Whisky and Coffee too as well as the Le Nez du Vin games.

The Le Nez du Vin master kit, our top seller, is a collection of 54 different aromas of wine aromas, from fruity to earthy, floral to woody. Each aroma is presented in a glass vial and accompanied by an educational card that explains what the aroma was and how it related to a particular style of wine. Lenoir was adamant that oenology was a skill that could be honed and that anyone could become an expert in wine with the right training. He was passionate about educating and inspiring people to explore wine in a more meaningful way.

This passion is evident in the way that Lenoir crafted his aroma kits. He knew that the only way to truly understand a wine was to experience it with all five senses and he wanted to give people the tools to do just that. Lenoir’s invention revolutionized the way that people experienced and enjoyed wine and it is still widely used today. The kits have since been updated and expanded to include more aromas, and there are now versions for different levels of expertise.

Professionals and enthusiasts alike have benefited from Lenoir’s invention, and it stands as a testament to his passion for wine and his dedication to educating others. As a result of Lenoir’s work, countless wine lovers have been able to explore and appreciate the nuances of the world’s finest wines. His legacy lives on through the continued use of Le Nez du Vin, and he will always be remembered as a pioneer in oenology.

Aromas in wine

When it comes to enjoying a good glass of wine, aroma plays an important role in the tasting experience. Wine aromas can be described as the smells and smells associated with a particular type of wine. These aromas are the result of a complex interplay of the grape variety, climate, soil, and winemaking techniques used to produce the wine. The aromas of wine can be divided into two categories: primary and secondary aromas. Primary aromas are the smells that are directly associated with the grape variety used to make the wine. These include fruity aromas such as apple, cherry, or citrus, floral aromas such as rose or lavender, and herbal aromas such as thyme or basil. Secondary aromas, on the other hand, are the smells that come from the fermentation and aging process of the wine.

These aromas can include nutty, spicy, smoky, and earthy notes. In addition to the primary and secondary aromas, there are also tertiary aromas, which are the smells that come from the barrel aging of the wine. These tertiary aromas can include oak, vanilla, caramel, and spice. When it comes to describing the aromas of a particular wine, it is important to consider the balance between the primary, secondary, and tertiary aromas. For example, a wine may have a strong primary aroma of cherry, but if it is too intense, it may be unbalanced and overpower the other aromas. On the other hand, if the primary aroma is too subtle, then the other aromas may not be as noticeable. When tasting wine, the aromas should be considered in combination with the taste and texture of the wine.

The nose is the most important part of the tasting experience, as it helps to inform the other senses. This is why it is important to take your time to smell the aromas of the wine before you take a sip. In addition to the primary, secondary, and tertiary aromas, there are also other aromas that may be present in some wines. These include aromas such as butter, honey, and toast, as well as more unusual aromas such as leather, smoke, and tobacco. No matter what type of wine you are enjoying, it is important to take the time to appreciate the aromas and aromatics of the wine. Without the aromas, a wine can taste flat and lack depth. With the right combination of primary, secondary, and tertiary aromas, a good glass of wine can provide a truly unique and enjoyable experience.

Le Nez du Vin Aroma Kits

If you are a wine lover, you have likely heard of Le Nez du Vin aroma kits. For the uninitiated, Le Nez du Vin is a company that produces aroma kits specifically designed to help people learn how to identify and appreciate different types of wines. The kits come in various sizes and styles, each featuring a selection of aromas that represent the diverse range of flavours found in wines. The kits contain a selection of aromas that are divided into two categories: primary and secondary. The primary aromas are those that are typically associated with a particular type of wine, such as citrus, floral, herbal, or spicy. The secondary aromas are those that are the result of the aging process, such as oak, leather, or tobacco. Each aroma is presented in a glass vial, allowing you to smell and experience the aroma without having to open a bottle of wine.

Le Nez du Vin kits are an excellent way for anyone to become more familiar with the aromas found in wines. Whether you are a novice or an experienced wine connoisseur, the kits provide a great way to learn the language of wine. By smelling the different aromas and understanding how they work together, you can identify the characteristics of different wines and gain a better understanding of what you like and what you don’t. The kits also make great gifts for wine lovers. Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special or just a fun way to explore different wines, Le Nez du Vin aroma kits are an excellent choice. Not only are they educational, but they also make a great conversation piece and can help to expand your knowledge and appreciation of wine. Overall, Le Nez du Vin aroma kits are an excellent way to explore the world of wine. Whether you are just getting started or are an experienced wine enthusiast, the kits provide an easy and enjoyable way to learn about the aromas and flavours of different wines. With their wide selection of aromas and their educational value, the kits make a great gift for any wine lover.

Author - Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton has worked in the wine industry for two decades holding senior positions at some of the UK wine industry's leading brands. The MD of Coolersomm, Sarah is WSET certified and our lead wine buyer too.