Le Nez du Vin 54 Aromas - The Master Kit

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Le Nez du Vin 54 Aromas - The Master Kit

There's no greater aid on the market for helping a wine lover or budding sommelier advance their tasting skills and accuracy than the aroma kits offered by Le Nez du Vin. Hundreds of qualified sommeliers swear by the aroma kits created by Le Nez du Vin, not only to identify regularly found primary fruit aromas or spice aromas but also to help train them for surprise occasions like wine faults or tasting and explaining wines of age.

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  • 54 individual aromas including fruits, floral, vegetal, spice, animal and roasted notes.
  • English language version.
  • Aromas are guaranteed for five years so you can keep them and refer to them through your entire WSET/CMS training.
  • 54 index cards explaining the aromas and their link to winemaking.
  • A guidebook to help you decipher these aromas in context of vineyard, new world vs old world with practical exercises to aid learning.

Le Nez du Vin, orThe Nose of Wine, is a unique and innovative wine tasting kit developed by French oenologist Jean Lenoir. The kit includes 54 different aromas that can be used to help wine lovers learn and identify the distinctive flavors and aromas found in different wines.

The kit is composed of 54 essential aromas that are found in different types of wines. These aromas are divided into four categories: Fruits, Spices, Vegetables, and Flowers. Each aroma is presented in a small glass bottle with a cork stopper that can be opened and smelled. The aromas are also labeled with their specific name and a description of their aroma.

The kit also includes an instruction booklet and a set of tasting cards with each aroma printed on them. These cards are designed to help users identify the aromas by smell. The kit also provides detailed information on how to evaluate a wine and how to use the aromas to enhance the tasting experience. Le Nez du Vin is an ideal tool for both novice and experienced wine tasters. It is an excellent way to learn the different aromas present in wines and to practice pairing wines with food.

The kit also provides an easy way to compare different wines and to identify the most distinctive aromas in each one. Le Nez du Vin is a great way to learn more about the world of wine and to enhance the enjoyment of drinking different types of wines.

It is a fun and educational way to expand your knowledge of wine and to become a more knowledgeable and sophisticated wine taster. With its unique aromas and comprehensive instruction booklet, Le Nez du Vin is an ideal tool for anyone who wants to experience the joy of wine tasting.


"The sense of smell constitutes the most important sense in the perception of a wine and produces 80% of the tasting pleasure. No doubt you have noticed that when you have a cold, you no longer taste anything.

Nevertheless, it is often difficult to identify an aroma in your wine glass. Have you already encountered the feeling that you know a smell without being able to recognize it? Nothing is more normal! In the same way that we learned to read, write, or count, smelling also requires training.

A work tool appreciated by professionals, Le Nez du Vin® functions like a game. Choose the aromas at random, smell them carefully (above all, without looking), classify them, try to name them, and verify the result. In a few weeks, for sure, you will be able to pick out, recognize and above all name these aromas.".


Fruity notes: 1 lemon, 2 grapefruit, 3 orange, 4 pineapple, 5 banana, 6 lychee, 7 melon, 8 muscat, 9 apple, 10 pear, 11 quince, 12 strawberry, 13 raspberry, 14 redcurrant, 15 blackcurrant, 16 bilberry, 17 blackberry , 18 cherry, 19 apricot, 20 peach, 21 marzipan, 22 prune, 23 walnut.

Floral notes: 24 hawthorn, 25 acacia, 26 linden, 27 honey, 28 rose, 29 violet.

Vegetal and spicy notes: 30 bell pepper / capsicum, 31 mushroom, 32 truffle, 33 wine lees, 34 cedar, 35 pine, 36 liquorice, 37 boxwood (or blackcurrant bud), 38 cut hay, 39 thyme, 40 vanilla, 41 cinnamon, 42 clove, 43 pepper, 44 saffron. Animal notes: 45 leather, 46 musk, 47 butter.

Roasted notes: 48 toast, 49 roasted almond, 50 roasted hazelnut, 51 caramel, 52 coffee, 53 chocolate, 54 smoky note.


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