Riedel Flamingo Decanter

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Riedel Flamingo Decanter

One of the world's most elegant decanters, the Riedel Flamingo decanter is made from lead-free black crystal and is hand-made, mouth-blown in the Tyrol. 

The decanter can hold a volume of 1880ccm (so over a magnum of wine) and features a broad, bulb-shaped base and an extremely long and slender neck reminiscent of a flamingo.

The Riedel Flamingo decanter also features an anti-drip angled lip so as not to waste a drop.

    Riedel Flamingo Decanter Highlights

    • This pack contains 1 Flamingo decanter
    • The decanter should be washed by hand

    What does Riedel say about this decanter?

    "Handmade by only our top master glassblowers in the finest lead crystal. Famed for their vibrant pink colour and long, stick-like legs, the Flamingo is an immediately recognised bird. Equally distinctive is Riedel's new Flamingo decanter - though it's not at all pink. Flamingo has a broad, bulb-shaped base and an exaggerated long and slender neck reminiscent of the legs of the bird for which it was named. The extended neck has a lip that shears off at an acute angle and both characteristics provide an easier pour."

    How quickly can this decanter be delivered?

    Delivery takes 3-5 working days, you will be kept up to date with the shipment by text message and email.

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    Yes, member discounts are available on many of our Riedel products. Use your CoolerSomm member voucher code on the check-out for a 10% discount. Not signed up yet? Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive discounts.


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    What is the SKU of this Riedel decanter?

    Be sure you're buying the correct Riedel product; the Riedel SKU is 2007/01.


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