Liebherr Four Year Warranty Extension

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Warranty Type: Premier Service Package
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Every Liebherr wine cooler comes with a two year full warranty including call out, service, repair, replacement, parts and labour. This means, if something breaks, we repair it at no cost and if it breaks beyond repair during those two years we replace it.

Our Liebherr Premier Care Packages allow you to extend this care to four years giving extra peace of mind over the extended four year warranty duration.

You can choose between the Premier Service Package, which covers the costs of the call out, service, repair and labour of the engineer for £89 over the four years or the Premier Full Warranty Package which extends the original full warranty (call out, service, repair, replacement, parts and labour) for £299.

  • Premier Service Package which includes call out, service, repair and labour for £89
  • Premier Full Warranty Package, that covers call out, service, repair, replacement, parts and labour for £299


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