Eurocave - V-LAPREMIERE-L - 230 Bottle Wine Cabinet

Door Style: Black solid door
Shelving: Premium - All Sliding
Cabinet Hinge: Right Hand Hinge
Sale price£3,273.00


Store your fine wine over the long term with the large version of EuroCave's La Premiere wine cabinet. With the ability to cellar 230 bottles with the Access pack (4 shelves) or 146 bottles with a fully stacked shelving system called the Premium pack, the La Premiere is a large wine maturation cabinet with all the technology you'd expect from this premium brand including winter system, carbon filter and humidity regulation.

This single zone wine maturation cabinet can be set anywhere between 6-18°C. Humidity levels are held within a tight range and maintained at a level of around 60 - 70 % and the glass door will protect from harmful U.V. light and poor air quality will be taken care of by the carbon filter. A solid door option is also available. EuroCave's La Premiere also benefits from a 3 year parts and labour warranty.


  • 230 Bottle Capacity on 4 Beech wood shelves (Access Pack)
  • 146 Bottle Capacity on 11 Beech wood shelves (Premium Pack)
  • Choice of Access or Premium Pack shelving
  • Choice of solid or glass door
  • Choice of Handle or no handle
  • Single Temperature Zones you can set between 6-18°C
  • Triple Glazed, UV Protected door under lock and key or solid door
  • Winter Function - protection against ambient temperature dips
  • Charcoal Filter
  • White LED lighting on/off function
  • Audible & Visible alarm to note any temperature fluctuations
  • Freestanding Use
  • Automatic humidity management
  • A Energy Rating pre March '21
  • Quiet at 37dB
  • Free three year warranty included
  • Dimensions - H: 1825mm, W: 680mm, D: 720mm


1. Precision Temperature Control:
One of the standout features of the EuroCave Wine Fridge range is its precision temperature control. These wine fridges are equipped with state-of-the-art temperature management systems, ensuring that your wines are stored at the optimal conditions for aging and preservation. With the ability to set and maintain specific temperatures for reds, whites, and champagne, you can create the perfect environment for each bottle in your collection. They come prese at 12°C but can be moved anywhere between 6-18°C.

2. Automatic Humidity Control:
Maintaining the right level of humidity is crucial for preserving the quality of wine over time. With the LaPremiere range the humidity display is possible when the temperature is set from 9°C - 15°C.

3. Vibration Reduction Technology:
Wine is a delicate elixir that can be easily affected by external factors, and vibrations are one of the culprits that can disturb its aging process. EuroCave understands this concern and has integrated vibration reduction technology into their Wine Fridges. This feature ensures a stable and tranquil environment for your wines, allowing them to age undisturbed.

4. Elegant Design:
Beyond functionality, EuroCave has placed a strong emphasis on the aesthetic appeal of the Pure Wine Fridge range. The sleek and modern design of these fridges adds a touch of sophistication to any wine cellar, kitchen, or entertainment area. The glass door not only showcases your collection but also comes with UV protection to shield your wines from harmful light.

5. User-Friendly Interface:
EuroCave believes that technology should enhance, not complicate, the wine storage experience. The Pure Wine Fridges come with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing you to effortlessly monitor and adjust settings. The digital display provides real-time information on temperature, humidity, and other key factors, ensuring that you have complete control over your wine storage environment.

Customisable Shelving:
Every wine collection is unique, and EuroCave recognizes this diversity by providing customizable shelving options. The modular shelves allow you to configure the interior to accommodate various bottle sizes, ensuring that your entire collection, from standard Bordeaux bottles to larger Burgundy bottles, can be stored securely.


  • Trusted Eurocave partner with London showroom
  • Swift UK Delivery - White Glove Delivery Team
  • 3 Year Parts and Labour Warranty 
  • Five Star Trustpilot Customer Reviews
  • Fine Wine Voucher worth £250 to spend online

How many bottles will the EUROCAVE V-LAPREMIERE-L hold?

With the sliding shelf pack the V-LaPremiere-L will hold 146 bottles with the sliding deck and with the access park, 230 bottles can be stored.

Can I pay for this wine fridge in instalments?

You can pay by instalments via PayPal who allow you to pay over 6, 12, 24 or up to 36 months and have a 4 month, 0% interest instalment plan for US and UK customers. If you wish to pay by instalments choose PayPal acheck out. You can also pay in full with a debit card, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Google Pay or PayPal.

Does the Eurocave -V-LAPREMIERE-L come with a manufacturer warranty?

Yes, there is a three year warranty on this wine cooler which can be extended to four years for an extended warranty fee.

Can I customise this wine fridge to suit my needs?

Use the chat function to speak to us about changes you may want to the wine fridge, for example, changing the side the door opens, fitting shelves better suited to Burgundy style bottles or extending the warranty.

What is the energy rating of this wine cooler?

Pre March 2021 this wine fridge had an energy efficiency rating of "B" but with the changes to the efficiency scale this wine fridge now ranks "G". For more information on these latest energy rating changes to all electrical appliances please see our blog post on energy rating changes for wine coolers .

How do I install this wine fridge?

The Eurocave V-LAPREMIERE-L is freestanding wine fridge only.

Looking for another wine cooler from EuroCave?

CoolerSomm carries all the EuroCave wine cabinets click the link to view the full range.


The V-Lapremiere-L range is a stock item so should deliver within 5 working days. Some EuroCave wine fridges are made to order and take around 40 working days to manufacture however a small stock does reside in the UK of the most popular units for same week delivery, like this one.

The professional team at Jewell will deliver and install your wine fridge in a room of choice and also take away an old wine fridge if required. If you require removal of our old wine fridge please contact us post purchase to book that service.


Technical Sheet

Eurocave - V-LAPREMIERE-L - 230 Bottle Wine Cabinet

Key Features
Standard Warranty 3 Years - 5 Years available
Efficiency Rating Pre 03/21 - C | Post 03/21 - G
Temperature Zones (1) 6 - 18°C
Dimensions H: 182.5cm, W: 68cm, D: 72cm
Bottle Capacity - Access Pack 230
Bottle Capacity - Sliding Shelves Pack 146
Space for large bottles Bottom
Humidity Range (%) 60-70
Climate Classification SN-ST
Volume in litres 457
Noise Level (dB) 37

Casing Black Coated Steel
Glass Fully Glazed - UV Resistant
Door Frame Black Stainless Steel
Door Handle Black Anodized Steel
Lock Yes
Hinge Side Right
Reversible Door Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1825 x 680 x 720 mm
Packaged Dimensions (H x W x D) 1950 x 720 x 760 mm

Temperature zones
Lighting White Interior
Lighting on/off switch
Total Shelves 4-11
Display Shelves 0
Number of bottles per shelf 72 (storage) 12 (sliding)
Shelf Material Beech
Telescopic Shelves Yes (80% extension)
Inside Casing Black PUR

Key Functions
Optimal Use
Long Term Storage & aging
User Interface 2 digital displays
Active Carbon Filters
Compressor Embraco Fullmotion
Vibration Free Yes
Cooling System Fan & Convection Cooling
Defrost Function Automatic
Temperature Memory Function Yes
Heating Yes - Winter Function
Condensation Water Container Yes
Acoustic Temperature Alarm Yes
Acoustic Door Alarm Yes
Tilt Protection Yes
Adjustable Feet Yes

General Information
Installation Type Freestanding
Warranty Extension Available Yes - Up to 5 Years
Transport Weight
Net Weight
Power Consumption (kWh/annum)
132 (solid door) 190 (glass door)
Voltage 220V / 50Hz
Power Cable Length
Delivery, Unwrap, Install 2 Man Team - FREE

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