Eurocave - Large Champagne Cabinet - V-CHAMP-L - 91 Bottle

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Interior Layout: Display - Bucket Shelf
Cabinet Hinge: Right Hand Hinge
Lighting Colour: Amber
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The best Champagne cabinet in the world from the world's premier producer of wine fridges and wine cabinets; Eurocave. The Eurocave Large Champagne Cabinet is the pinnacle of Champagne service and French design offering a product of beauty and precision engineering. Popular with Michelin star restaurants and premium wine bars, the Champagne cabinet offers the ultimate in Champagne service.

The Eurocave Champagne cabinet is the ideal wine cabinet for the serious Champagne collector too, who has prestigious bottles to serve and the wine professional of the Michelin starred restaurant and private club whose patrons demand the very highest quality in wine service with Champagne served at the perfect temperature. The bucket shelf also allows opened Champagne to be stored, the shelves can hold 8 Champagne bottles or 6 magnums, the bucket shelf can hold 7 bottles of Champagne.

Designed and manufactured in France, Eurocave are the originators of the wine fridge and have developed a reputation for excellence in both engineering and long term customer service. With a 5 year parts and labour warranty and the most exacting temperature and humidity controls, any wine enthusiast can rest safe in the knowledge that their Champagne collection is resting in the best possible hands with a Eurocave Champagne cabinet.


  • 91 Bottle Capacity on 10 sliding shelves or 74 bottles with the Champagne bucket.
  • Telescopic, soft open shelves - easy access to your wines
  • Perfect service temperature between 5-12C, set to your settings.
  • Triple Glazed, UV Protected door under lock and key
  • Winter Function - protection against ambient temperature dips
  • Charcoal Filter
  • Audible & Visible alarm to note any temperature fluctuations
  • Freestanding Use
  • A++ original energy rating
  • Lock and key
  • Choice of amber/blue or red lighting
  • Varnished front allows names to be written on shelves
  • Five year warranty
  • 37dB whisper quiet
  • Dimensions - H: 1825mm, W: 680mm, D: 720mm
  • £250 fine wine voucher on delivery


If you're a Champagne enthusiast you'll understand that serving vintage Champagne at the perfect temperature is vital to tease the finest expression from the Champagne. From Pol Roger to Krug, there's not a Champagne in the world that doesn't benefit from ideal storage conditions. For this reason, Eurocave, renowned for their service cabinets produced their very first Champagne service fridge in 2022. 

Since it's launch, which we are Coolersomm were delighted to attend, the Champagne fridge now graces the wine rooms of some of London's most prestigious restaurants and private clubs. As a trusted partner of Eurocave, we're thrilled to be able to offer this wine cabinet to Coolersomm clients with the added benefit of £250 worth of Champagne which may be selected at our London store or online.

Temperature control: Champagne, like wine, requires specific storage conditions. EuroCave cabinets typically provide precise temperature control, ensuring that your Champagne is stored and served at the optimal temperature.

Maintaining the right level of humidity is crucial for preserving the quality of Champagne. EuroCave cabinets come with humidity control features to prevent corks from drying out and to ensure the proper aging of the Champagne.

Vibration can negatively impact the aging process of Champagne. EuroCave cabinets may include features to minimize vibration, protecting the wine and allowing it to age gracefully.

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light can be harmful to Champagne and wine. EuroCave cabinets may have UV-resistant glass or doors to shield the bottles from light, preserving the integrity of the Champagne.

EuroCave is known for producing wine cabinets with aesthetically pleasing designs. The cabinets may complement your home decor while providing a functional and dedicated space for storing Champagne.

All EuroCave fridges are quiet and economical to run.


  • Trusted Eurocave partner with London showroom
  • Swift UK Delivery - White Glove Delivery Team
  • 5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty 
  • Five Star Trustpilot Customer Reviews
  • Fine Wine Voucher worth £250 to spend online

How many Champagne bottles will the Eurocave Champagne hold?

The Eurocave Champagne cabinet can hold 91 bottles of Champagne on its 10 sliding shelves. If the bucket shelf interior pack is chosen then the fridge can hold 74 bottles. If magnums are stored, the shelves can hold 6 magnums or 8 regular bottles.

Does the Eurocave Champagne cabinet come with a manufacturer warranty?

Yes, there is a five year warranty on this wine cabinet on both parts and labour.

Can I customise this wine fridge to suit my needs?

The wine cabinet can have its door reversed in the factory but not thereafter, the unit can also be built-in flush with some specific ventilation requirements. Contact us via live chat to discuss any questions.

What is the energy rating of this wine cooler?

Pre March 2021 this wine fridge had an energy efficiency rating of "A+++" but with the changes to the efficiency scale this wine fridge now ranks "E". For more information on these latest energy rating changes to all electrical appliances please see our blog post on energy rating changes for wine coolers .

How do I install this wine cooler?

The Eurocave Champagne cabinet is a freestanding unit and as such should not be built into carpentry but allowed a 5-10cm space all around to vent hot air.

Looking for another wine fridge from EuroCave?

CoolerSomm carries all the EuroCave wine cabinets click the link to view the full range.

How do I activate the £250 fine wine voucher?

Enjoy a £250 voucher to spend in store in our Wandsworth location or online on our range of fine wines. You will receive the voucher upon delivery of your Eurocave.


All EuroCave wine fridges are made to order and take around 40 working days to manufacture however a small stock does reside in the UK of the most popular units for same week delivery.

The professional team at Jewell will deliver and install your wine fridge in a room of choice and also take away an old wine fridge if required. If you require removal of our old wine fridge please contact us post purchase to book that service.


Key Features
Standard Warranty 5 Years
Efficiency Rating Pre 03/21 - A++ | Post 03/21 - E
Temperature Zones (1) 2 - 12°C
Dimensions H: 182.5cm, W: 68cm, D: 72cm
Bottle Capacity  91 Champagne Bottles
Space for large bottles No
Humidity Range (%) 55-85%
Climate Classification SN-ST
Volume in litres 461
Noise Level (dB) 37

Casing Black
Glass Fully Glazed - UV Resistant
Door Frame Black
Door Handle Yes
Lock Yes
Hinge Side Right or Left
Reversible Door Yes - when ordering
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1825 x 680 x 720 mm

Temperature zones
Lighting Amber/Blue or Red
Lighting on/off switch
Total Shelves 10
Display Shelves Champagne Bucket
Number of bottles per shelf 8
Shelf Material Ash and steel
Telescopic Shelves Yes

Key Functions
Optimal Use
Champagne Service
User Interface 2 digital displays
Active Carbon Filters
Compressor Mixed Air
Vibration Free Yes
Cooling System Fan & Convection Cooling
Defrost Function Automatic
Temperature Memory Function Yes
Heating Yes - Winter Function
Condensation Water Container Yes
Acoustic Temperature Alarm Yes
Acoustic Door Alarm Yes
Tilt Protection Yes
Adjustable Feet Yes

General Information
Installation Type Freestanding
Warranty Extension Available No
Transport Weight
Net Weight
Power Consumption (kWh/annum)
Voltage 220V / 50Hz
Power Cable Length
Delivery, Unwrap, Install Yes

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