Coravin™ Timeless Three SL

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Coravin™ Timeless Three SL

The Coravin Timeless Three SL offers all the functionality of Coravin but at the lowest price point for a new model on the market. This is the latest upgrade on the original model three and with the full system you can enjoy the ability to drink your favourite wines via Coravin and have the cork reseal thereby preserving your wines in the same way it does via any Coravin system.

The Model 3 system comes with the Coravin unit, needle, 1 A65 capsule and needle clearer- all you need to get Coravining!

Just as with all Coravin models, the system uses a needle and argon gas technology to preserve your wines under cork and gas for weeks, months and years at a time. 


What's included in this Coravin Timeless Three SL System pack?

  • The Coravin Timeless Three SL unit and needle
  • 1 A65 capsules
  • Needle clearer

How long can I keep a bottle after I've used the Coravin?

The amount a wine degrades over time will depend on several factors including the storage of the bottle, the age and condition of the bottle when first opened under Coravin and the wine to air ratio in the bottle.

While it is possible for wines to remain fresh for months and even years later when using a Coravin we recommend ensuring the bottle is well stored, preferably in a wine cooler, after use and kept on its side to give the wine its ultimate longevity.

How many glasses of wine can I pour from one Coravin pure capsule?

The pure gas capsules last for up to 20 pours (150ml glass), this pack comes with two capsules, so that's 40 glasses of wine.

How do I store my wine after I've opened with a Coravin?

It's optimal to keep the wine on its side and preferably cool in either a wine cooler/wine fridge or your home fridge.

Can I use the Coravin to preserve sparkling wines?

Coravin technology should not be used on Champagne or any sparkling wine. If the occasion calls for opening fine Champagne, you should finish the bottle anyway!

What colours does the Timeless Three SL come in?

The system comes in a stylish grey and black.

Can I pay for the Coravin Timeless Three SL in instalments?

You can pay for any of our Coravin full system products from the Pivot® to the Model 3, Model 6 or Model 11 by instalments if you select PayPal at check out and sign up for their 4 monthly payment/0% interest plan. The Model 3 is available from £9.56 per month.

Credit Options Repr. APR (Fixed) Payments Total amount payable
24 Months 14.9% 24 months : £9.56 £229.22
12 Months 14.9% 12 months : £17.87 £214.39
6 Months 14.9% 6 months : £34.54 £207.19

What's the difference between the Timeless Three SL and the other Coravin systems?

The Timeless Three SL is the most cost effective entry to the world of Coravin. We recommend this product to those that want all the benefits that a Coravin can offer but doesn't need the bells and whistles of more recent upgrades like automated pouring or making their appliance smart by connecting it to an app.

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