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Coravin Pivot® wine preservation system

The Coravin Pivot® wine preservation system uses a stopper and argon gas technology to keep everyday drinking wines fresh for up to four weeks. 

This wine preservation system is perfect for those who enjoy wine with their meals as you can rotate  a range of wines for up to four weeks to suit your mood or meal and avoid pouring perfectly good wine down sink.

What's included in this Coravin Pivot® pack?

  • The Coravin Pivot® device
  • 1 A65 capsule
  • 2 Pivot caps

How many bottles can I keep open at one time with the Coravin Pivot®?

You can open as many bottles as you have stoppers for. This initial pack comes with two stoppers that you can reuse continuously. You can purchase more stoppers to increase your range of open wines with 6 additional stoppers costing £29.99 allowing you to have eight bottles on the go at once!

How many glasses of wine can I pour from one Coravin pure capsule?

The pure gas capsules last for up to 20 pours (150ml glass).

How do I store my wine after I've opened with the Pivot®?

The wines should be stored on their side and kept in the fridge.

Can I use the Coravin Pivot® to preserve sparkling wine?

No, this product will preserve still wines only.

What colour can I buy the Coravin Pivot® in?

Here at Coolersomm we only carry the Coravin Pivot® in black, but thankfully, the product works just as well regardless of the colour!

Can I pay for the Coravin Pivot® in instalments?

You can pay for any of our Coravin full system products from the Pivot® to the Model 3, Model 6 or Model 11 by instalments if you select PayPal at check out and then their PayPal Credit option.

Credit Options Repr. APR (Fixed) Payments Total amount payable
12 Months 14.9% 12 months : £11.58 £138.97
6 Months 14.9% 6 months : £22.39 £134.30

What's the difference between the Coravin Pivot® and the Coravin Model 3, Model 6 and Model 11?

The Pivot® can preserve wine quality for up to 4 weeks and works under stopper and gas on cork and screwcap closures. All the other Coravin models preserve wines from bottles closed with cork only for up to several years under needle and gas as the cork reseals itself.

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