Coravin Aerator

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Coravin Aerator

The Coravin Aerator is a neat little add-on to any Coravin wine preservation system (excluding the Pivot) that aerates the wine as you pour to enhance the taste.

If you're using a Coravin to pour a glass or two of wine it's unlikely you now want to decant your glass of wine, so, to get some air into your wine like a decanter but without the hastle and time you can simply attach the Corvin Aerator to do the job as you pour. This funky add-on does in seconds what a decanter would take 60-90 minutes to do leaving you to do more interesting things; like watching this video.

    Can I use the Coravin Aerator with any Coravin system?

    All the Coravin systems are compatible with the Aerator except the Pivot.

    Is this product better than using a decanter?

    Decanters are generally used for aerating a larger volume of wine and rarely a glass, though of course, you could do that. This gizmo was designed to do a 60-90 minute decanter job without having to go to that trouble. Is it better? That depends if you like saving time and washing up. We think it's better if you're serving a glass or two.

    Can I use the Coravin Aerator on sparkling wines?

    No Coravin system should be used on sparkling wine and that rule extends to the Aerator.

    What colour can I buy the Coravin Aerator in?


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