Aveine Smart Wine Aerator

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Aveine Smart Wine Aerator

The Aveine smart wine aerator is the perfect wine accessory for the time poor wine lover. This smart aerator gives the ideal amount of aeration to any wine through patent app-aerator technology.

Just scan your wine's label with your mobile on the Aveine app and you'll be advised of the perfect amount of time to decant your wine. However, tap the Aveine's matching setting into the handset and in seconds the Aveine will aerate your wine to the equivalent 'decanter time' providing the perfect decant length allowing your wine to express its maximum potential.

We're super proud to work with Aveine on their original smart aerator and are able to offer the best price in the UK, sign up to the CoolerSomm newsletter for another £37.50 off this price.

    What types of wines can I aerate with the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator?

    All types of wine. From young whites, mature reds to sweet or fortified wine.

    How does this product actually work?

    Underneath the brushed aluminium shell, there is a touchscreen. You can use it to adjust the oxygenation time you wish to recreate. The smartphone connects to the device via Bluetooth. Thanks to its USB dock, the nomad device can easily be charged. You can now enjoy your wines at their best, anywhere and in any situation.

    When serving, as the wine passes through the aerator, Aveine adds ambient air, directly to the heart of the flow. The aerator then instantly reproduces the same level of aeration of the wine as if the bottle had been opened 6 hours before.

    Does the app have any cost?

    No the Aveine app is completely free.

    Are there any CoolerSomm member discounts on this product?

    Yes, newsletter subs can get the regular 10% off, sign up to the newsletter if you are not yet a member.

    Is the whole bottle aerated and wasted if I don't drink it?

    The wine is only aerated as it passes through the system, any wine that remains in the bottle remains unaerated and can be sealed for later.

    Can I serve different people different levels of aeration from the same bottle?

    Yes, the app will provide the ideal aeration time but you can choose to aerate the wine for any time before the pour. If you stop pouring you can change the aeration time and serve another glass at a different aeration time providing a different wine experience. This is a handy tool for those who like more or less "decanting" and a great game to play with yourself if you're drinking the whole bottle!

    Can I pay for the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator in instalments?

    If you select PayPal at check out and then their PayPal Credit option you will be given the opportunity to pay via instalments via a credit agreement with PayPal.

    Credit Options Repr APR (Fixed) Payments Total amount
    24 Months 14.9% 24 months : £14.04 £336.95
    12 Months 14.9% 12 months : £26.26 £315.11
    6 Months 14.9% 6 months : £50.76 £304.53

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