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2016 Pol Roger Brut Vintage, Champagne, France

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2016 Pol Roger Brut Vintage, Champagne, France

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In the world of Champagne, few names are as synonymous with luxury and excellence as Pol Roger. With a history dating back to 1849, this esteemed Champagne house has consistently delivered exceptional sparkling wines. The Pol Roger 2016 vintage is no exception, embodying the grace and refinement that enthusiasts have come to expect.


“The 2016 vintage resulted in happy surprises after all the numerous viticultural challenges the year brought about. Pol Roger Vintage shows an enticing combination of lush, ripe fruitiness combined to vibrant, energising acidity. The nose greets you with a charming tone of burned match and butter biscuits. Beyond, it comes with a mélange of both crunchy and sun kissed orchard fruit, sweet honey and fragrant orange blossom notes. On the palate it is equally fulfilling in its immediate appeal and juiciness. This is a generous and overt, aromatically sound vintage ready to please, yet it comes with muscle and intensity that rewards midterm ageing. ” 95 Points. Essi Avellan MW


Oysters, caviar and smoked salmon are the ideal accompaniment.


One of the key factors that contributed to the success of the 2016 Champagne vintage was the remarkable weather conditions throughout the growing season. After several challenging years, 2016 brought a sigh of relief to the winemakers in the region. A mild winter and a warm, dry spring allowed the vines to flourish without the threat of frost or disease.

Summer in Champagne was characterized by consistent warmth and plenty of sunshine, providing the perfect environment for the grapes to ripen slowly and evenly. This extended ripening period allowed for excellent flavor development and the retention of the crucial acidity necessary for Champagne's signature crispness.

In 2016, winemakers in Champagne watched the grapes mature with eager anticipation. Harvest time arrived with the promise of a bountiful and high-quality crop. The fruit displayed impeccable balance and optimal sugar levels, a prelude to the exceptional wines that would soon grace our glasses.

The Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes, the holy trinity of Champagne, showed remarkable potential, with some of the most renowned Champagne houses crafting cuvées that would become celebrated expressions of this exceptional vintage.

The resulting wines from the 2016 vintage in Champagne are nothing short of extraordinary. They display the hallmarks of a classic Champagne: finesse, elegance, and a beautiful balance of fruit and acidity. The whites are marked by their purity, with lively citrus notes, floral aromas, and an underlying minerality that evokes the terroir of the region.

The Pinot Noir-based cuvées exhibit a vibrant red fruit character, adding depth and complexity to the Champagne. There's a sense of structure and depth in these wines, promising longevity and development over the years to come.


In the world of Champagne, few names evoke as much respect and admiration as Pol Roger. This distinguished Champagne house, established in 1849, has a rich history steeped in tradition and a legacy of crafting exceptional sparkling wines. Let's take a journey through the remarkable history of Pol Roger.

Pol Roger's story began with its founder, Pol Roger himself. Born in Aÿ, a commune in the Champagne region of France, Pol Roger embarked on a journey that would lead to the creation of a legendary Champagne house. In the mid-19th century, at just 18 years of age, he started his own wine business.

The 19th century was a period of significant growth for the brand. Pol Roger settled in the charming town of Épernay, where he began to develop the deep cellars that would become synonymous with the house. These cellars, carved out of the chalky subsoil, provided the ideal environment for aging and maturing Champagne.

One of the defining moments in the history of Pol Roger came in 1900 when it was appointed the official supplier of Champagne to the British royal family. This prestigious royal warrant was an early indication of the house's commitment to quality and its growing international reputation.

Perhaps one of the most enduring associations with Pol Roger is that of the former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill had a deep affinity for the Champagne produced by Pol Roger, which led to the creation of a special cuvée, the renowned "Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill." This remarkable Champagne, first introduced in the 1980s, is a tribute to Churchill's unwavering devotion to Pol Roger's wines.

Pol Roger has always maintained a commitment to traditional winemaking methods. It's one of the few remaining Champagne houses that still uses wooden casks for fermentation and hand-riddling to bring out the unique characteristics of their wines. This dedication to craftsmanship and time-honored techniques is reflected in the quality and sophistication of their Champagnes.

Today, Pol Roger continues to produce some of the finest Champagnes in the world, known for their finesse, elegance, and exceptional aging potential. The house's range includes a variety of cuvées, from the classic Brut Réserve to the aforementioned Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, each showcasing the remarkable terroir and history of the region.

Pol Roger's history is a tale of dedication, passion, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence in the world of Champagne. With a legacy that spans over a century and a half, the house's commitment to producing exceptional wines has solidified its place as a symbol of prestige and timeless tradition. When you raise a glass of Pol Roger, you're not just enjoying a fine Champagne; you're sipping from a wellspring of history and excellence that continues to captivate the hearts of wine enthusiasts worldwide. Cheers to Pol Roger, a name that will forever sparkle in the annals of Champagne history


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2016 Pol Roger Brut Vintage, Champagne, France

Wine Card
Wine Producer Pol Roger
Wine Region Champagne
Wine Classification Champagne
Wine Type Sparkling
Grape Variety Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier
Vintage 2016
Vintage Quality Excellent
Maturity Ready to drink
Body Mid Bodied
Sweetness Dry
Alcohol % 12.5%
Bottle Type Champagne 75cl
Serving Temperature 8-10°C
Food Pairing Fish, Chicken Foie Gras
Awards 95 Points - Essi Avellan
17/20 Points - Jancis Robinson

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