Enjoy your wine cooler today

With PayPal Credit, large purchases like wine coolers become much more manageable. You can order your wine cooler today and choose to spread the cost over 36 months (or less).

The first 4 months of your wine cooler instalment payments will be at 0% APR.

If you'd like to pay for your wine cooler in monthly instalments then choose PayPal at check out.

Example on a £1000 purchase

Months Repr. APR Payment Total
36 14.9% £34.17 £1229.80
24 14.9% £48.00 £1151.97
12 14.9% £89.79 £1077.26
6 14.9% £173.53 £1041.14
4 0% N/A £1000

If you're a CoolerSomm member you can still get £50 off wine coolers by subscribing to our newsletter even when paying by PayPal Credit.