Wine Fridges for White Burgundy

Maturing white Burgundy can be heart-breaking if you don’t invest in a good wine storage cabinet designed especially for fine wine maturation. These are among the most expensive wines in the world and opening a bottle, spoiled due to poor storage, must rank amongst one of lives greatest disappointments! Today we will look at the best wine fridges for maturing white Burgundy as well as discussing the topic of Chardonnay in more detail.

All about white Burgundy

White Burgundy is produced from the Chardonnay grape, a French grape variety known for its production of a range of wines from cheap, simple, table wine all the way to the world's most expensive white wines, barrel aged and sold in tiny quantities from the finest domaines in Burgundy. Chardonnay is planted the world over and can produce complex wines all over the globe from Napa to New Zealand but it's in Burgundy that the world's very finest whites can be found.

The most defining characteristic of white Burgundy is its aroma. The nose of the fine white Burgundy is very complex with notes of lemon, apple, pear, and even a hint of nuttiness. The aroma is delicate and inviting, and it is an important factor in determining the quality of the wine. This all depends of course on appellation, producer, wine production and the level of wine maturity.

The flavour of white Burgundy is also quite unique. It typically has a medium body, with a crisp acidity and minerality. The flavour often includes notes of citrus, apple, and pear, with a hint of nuts and spice. The wine also has a creamy texture, which is due to the malolactic fermentation process. Mature Burgundy is different. Mature white Burgundy is often characterized by a golden yellow hue, with hints of green. On the nose, you should expect a variety of aromas, such as notes of butter, toasted almonds, honey, and dried fruit. On the palate, you will find a medium-bodied wine with a smooth texture and a lingering finish. The flavour profile is often quite complex, with elements of citrus fruits, apples, pear, and a hint of minerals.

The best way to enjoy a glass of mature white burgundy is to pair it with food. The wine pairs well with seafood dishes, such as scallops or lobster, as well as creamy cheese-based dishes. It can also be enjoyed with roasted chicken or pork, as well as vegetable dishes.

White Burgundy is typically medium-bodied, which means it is light enough to be enjoyed as an aperitif but also has enough body to pair with a variety of dishes. It is the perfect pairing for seafood, poultry, and even richer dishes like veal and pork.

When it comes to aging, White Burgundy can mature into some of the wine world’s very finest wines, but this is dependent on the quality of the wine. High-quality white Burgundy can age for several decades and develop a deeper, richer flavour profile. It's those wines we will focus on today.

White Burgundy for the cellar


The rich, buttery, honeyed, round, giving wines of Meursault are some of the treasures of the wine world. The larger of the appellations listed, Meursault’s quality is not diluted by its size. Still with no Grand Cru vineyards, the best Premier Crus are Les Perrières, Les Genevrières and Les Charmes and these wines, in the hands of the finest producers, are sold onto the open market already in three figures from a new vintage. These are some of the world's greatest white wines.

The very best Premier Cru Meursault are far better with some bottle age and should be drunk from 5 to 15 years of age, although top examples can last several decades. Even some of the basic village wines can easily benefit from 10 years if well cellared so that the delicious mature profile of Meursault can be enjoyed at a far lower price point.


The finest white wines in the world, arguably, come from Chassagne and Puligny Montrachet with those vineyards either side of each border being the absolute best of the best. 

The five Grand Crus of Montrachet are among the most sought after wines in the world and deserve a decent time in bottle to truly express their full potential. The Grand Crus are often not opened for at least 10 years and many show best 20 years after vintage. Premier Crus are also best left at least 8 years.


The richest, purist and most striking white Burgundy wines are those of Puligny Montrachet. With four Grand Cru wines, these intense, complex wines are a sheer pleasure with the luxurious Bâtard-Montrachet perhaps the pinnacle, although Chevalier-Montrachet fans will argue to the contrary.

As with Chassagne, the finest Grand Cru wines should be left alone for at least a decade and the Premier Cru wines at least eight years but most wine collectors are not opening these wines until at least two decades have passed.

The best white Burgundy producers

Domaine Dujac

Domaine Dujac is a family-run winery located in the Burgundy region of France. Founded in 1968 by Jacques Seysses, it has since become one of the most renowned and respected producers of Burgundy wines. Domaine Dujac has earned its reputation through the unwavering quality of its wines and the passion of its winemaking team.

The Domaine Dujac vineyards are located primarily in the communes of Morey-Saint-Denis, Chambolle-Musigny, and Vougeot. These vineyards are blessed with a unique combination of terroir, climate, and soil that produces some of the finest and most sought-after wines in the world. The vineyards are planted with a combination of traditional and modern grape varieties, including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Aligoté.

At Domaine Dujac, great care is taken to ensure that the wines reflect the unique terroir of each vineyard. The grapes are hand-picked and carefully sorted to ensure that only the finest quality fruit goes into the final wines. The winemaking team favors a traditional approach to winemaking, including the use of wild yeasts and long maceration periods. The wines are aged in both stainless steel tanks and oak barrels, depending on the style of the wine.

The wines of Domaine Dujac are renowned for their complexity and elegance. The Pinot Noirs are particularly renowned – they exhibit a remarkable balance of ripe fruit, earthy minerality, and silky tannins. The Chardonnays are also highly praised, with aromas of citrus and stone fruit complemented by notes of nuts and toast.

Domaine Dujac is a leader in sustainable viticulture, with a commitment to working with nature, not against it. The winery has adopted numerous sustainable practices, including using biodynamic methods, using natural fertilizers and composts, and avoiding chemical treatments. These efforts have earned Domaine Dujac a number of important certifications, including organic and biodynamic certifications.

Domaine Dujac is a leader in Burgundy winemaking and is a benchmark for quality and sustainability. The wines of Domaine Dujac are highly sought-after and are sure to bring pleasure and satisfaction to any wine lover.


Coche-Dury is one of the most renowned wineries in the Burgundy region of France. Founded in the early 19th century, the winery has been producing some of the finest white wines in the world for almost 200 years. With a focus on producing highly structured and complex wines from their single vineyard sites, Coche-Dury has become synonymous with quality and luxury.

At the heart of the winery is the father and son team of Jean-François and Raphael Coche-Dury. With a focus on quality and tradition, the winery has been producing some of the most sought-after white wines for decades. They are best known for their Meursault and Corton-Charlemagne wines, which are made from grapes grown in the family's vineyards. These single-vineyard wines are highly sought after and have achieved some of the highest prices ever paid for Burgundy wines.

The Coche-Dury winemaking process is unique and complex. All the grapes are hand-harvested and sorted before being vinified in small batches. The family uses a traditional technique of long and slow fermentation and aging, often lasting up to two years. This technique helps to extract the full potential of each individual vintage, creating wines that are complex and layered.

The wines of Coche-Dury are highly sought after and have become some of the most coveted wines in the world. The family has achieved an enormous amount of success and recognition for their wines, and it has been said that Coche-Dury is the benchmark for quality in Burgundy. It is no surprise that their wines are highly collectible, and some of their most sought-after bottles can fetch prices of over $2,000.

The Coche-Dury family winery is a testament to the power of quality and tradition. Their wines are a reflection of their dedication to excellence, and it is a pleasure to be able to enjoy their wines.

Domaine Leroy

Domaine Leroy is one of the most renowned and revered wine estates in Burgundy, France. Founded in 1868 by Louis-Henri Leroy, the winery has maintained a strong commitment to the highest standards of winemaking and viticulture, producing some of the world’s best and most sought-after Burgundy wines.

The Leroy family has been making wine in Burgundy since the 18th century, and the Domaine was established by Louis-Henri in 1868. A passionate viticulturist, Louis-Henri dedicated himself to understanding the climatic and geological characteristics of the Burgundian terroir, and his efforts have been rewarded with some of the most sought-after Burgundy wines.

Today, Domaine Leroy is owned and managed by the family’s fifth generation, Lalou Bize-Leroy. It is one of the few wineries in Burgundy to be completely domaine-bottled, meaning that all of its wines are managed from the vineyard to the final bottle. The Domaine is committed to producing the highest quality wines, using traditional winemaking techniques and organic viticulture methods.

The Domaine has vineyards in some of the most prestigious appellations of Burgundy, such as Vosne-Romanée, Chambolle-Musigny, Nuits-Saint-Georges and Gevrey-Chambertin. Its wines are characterized by a deep and complex aroma, with a velvety texture, intense flavors and an elegant finish. Domaine Leroy’s wines are highly sought-after by collectors and connoisseurs, and are among the most expensive and sought-after Burgundy wines on the market.

The Domaine produces a wide range of wines, from the more approachable village and regional wines to the prestigious grand crus. The Domaine also produces a range of reserve wines, including some of the rarest and most sought-after wines in Burgundy.

Domaine Leroy’s commitment to excellence has been rewarded with numerous awards and accolades, and the wines have been praised by critics and connoisseurs alike. The Domaine is a benchmark for excellence in Burgundy and its wines are a must-have for any serious wine collector.

Maturing and storing white Burgundy

Bottled in 'Burgundy shaped' bottles, these wine bottles are wider at the base than their Bordeaux style equivalent and as such, fewer can fit in a wine fridge than Bordeaux style bottles. Burgundy bottles can reduce the overall capacity of a wine fridge by around 20%, however, this can be offset somewhat by i) stacking the same shaped bottles on the same shelves and ii) buying a wine fridge that is geared to cellaring Burgundy wines. Swisscave and offer MIX style shelving that caters perfectly to this bottle shape in a freestanding wine fridge.

White Burgundy should be stored at 12°C in a humidity controlled, low/no-UV light environment, devoid of bad aromas - either a cellar or, more practically, a wine fridge or wine cabinet. As white Burgundy is so expensive, experts recommend that the wine fridge is also fitted with a carbon filter. Humidity management will be especially important as the drying out of corks, the glue on the labels or water on the labels will cause the value of the wine to decrease and potentially the wine in bottle to spoil.

Best wine fridges for white Burgundy

Maturing serious white Burgundy is such an investment of time, passion and resource that cheaping out on the wine fridge, the very vehicle that will mature those wines to their finest expression is really a false economy. Owners of white Burgundy will want to ensure that their wines are sitting as pretty as possible, with their temperature ranges held tightly, total absence of UV-light, lowest possible vibration levels, no bad odours and the perfect humidity levels. For that reason we will only recommend the very best wine fridges expressly fit for this purpose whose shelving also works ideally for white Burgundy.

The Swisscave WLB-460FL-MIX, with MIX shelving made from Sapele wood, the wood choice expressly helps to dampen vibration. This beautiful wine fridge is fitted with carbon filter and whose automatic humidity controls will mature these wines beautifully for years to come.

Those who want to man-manage the humidity levels in their wine fridge should opt for the HU version, the Swisscave WLB-460FHU-MIX.

If laying down your wines is the only aim of your wine storage and the unit doesn't need to also be attractive and is perhaps housed in a shed or garage, a more cost effective option could be the Artevino range. Produced by Eurocave, the Artevino range most closely copies the conditions of an actual domaine cellar and start from around £1500.

If you need any assistance choosing your wine fridge, speak to us via Live Chat or give us a call, an expert will be on hand to help.

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