Where should I put my wine cooler?

Where is the best place to put a wine fridge?

Whilst most people opt to keep their wine cooler in their kitchen, there could be a multitude of reasons to place it somewhere else around the home with some people even preferring to keep their wine cabinet in a garage or outbuilding. 

Most wine coolers can be happily placed anywhere in the home whilst some are equipped with winter systems that allow for placement in places with a colder ambient temperature like a garage or cellar. It's important to consider where you will place your wine cooler and once that place is determined, select a wine cooler that suits your new location.

The Kitchen

The ideal choice for the position of most wine coolers, the kitchen is generally tiled, generally at a constant and temperate ambient temperature and within constant easy each for dinner or parties. Our customer's have placed built-in, integrated and freestanding wine coolers in their kitchen and the choice of cooler type will depend upon the spot in the kitchen you have chosen.

If you want to integrate your wine fridge seamlessly into your kitchen design and have it raised off the floor like an integrated oven, either hidden behind a door, or visible, then an integrated wine cooler is the best option.

If you want to build your wine cooler into your kitchen design but have the wine cooler placed on the floor then a built-in wine fridge is the best option for you. These wine coolers are front venting and usually vent from a small grille at the bottom of the cooler, as long as that is kept clear then this is the ideal place for your wine cooler.

The kitchen, depending on the size of your kitchen, could also be the right place for a freestanding wine fridge, as long as you have a space allocated for your wine cooler that allows the unit to vent from the top and sides (we recommend a clear gap of 30cms above and 10cm either side). Freestanding wine coolers give flexibility of placement as long as you have the space.

The Garage or Out Building

Commonly wine cabinets are chosen for garages or outbuildings as these tend to be the favoured placements for those with large wine collections typically for ageing. There tends to be more free floor space in a garage or out building than in a standard size kitchen. If you're placing a wine fridge in a garage be sure to choose one with a 'winter system', these are wine coolers that can both heat and cool the wine as the ambient temperatures in garages and outbuildings can dip below 12c for half of the year or more. Also be sure to check the ambient operating temperature of the wine fridge to ensure that you are not invalidating your warranty with your choice of placement.

The Living Room

Those considering placing a wine fridge in a living room should probably consider decibels when making their choice. Whilst all our premium wine coolers look great and will be an attractive addition to any living space some operate at louder decibels than others. We recommend looking for freestanding wine coolers that operate at 40dB or lower if placing the wine fridge in your living room. The noise level of all our wine coolers can be found on the wine cooler card at the bottom of each product page.

The Utility Room

Whilst many appliances are housed in the utility room it may not be a good idea to put your wine cooler next to your washing machine due to vibrations, however, if your washing machine is not in the utility room this can also be a great choice of location as these rooms are usually within the home and with a stable ambient temperature above 12c.

Can you put my wine cooler on a carpet?

Depending on how your wine cooler vents hot air it may be ok to place the wine cooler on carpet but as a rule of thumb we recommend wood or tile so as not to interfere with the heating and cooling of the appliance.

Can you place my wine cooler in a garage?

The answer is yes, but depending on how cold your garage gets, you will need to choose a wine cabinet with a heating element; a 'winter system', unless you have an interconnected garage where the ambient temperature is always over 12c. You can select 'winter system' from our features filter to see a shortlist of wine coolers with this feature.

Can you put my wine fridge in a conservatory?

Whilst extreme cold will make a wine cooler overwork, so will extreme heat, pay attention to the ambient operating temperature rating of the wine cooler (contained on the wine cooler card of each product listing) when choosing your wine fridge and make sure your conservatory does not top those temperatures in summer.

Can you put a wine fridge against wall?

An undercounter or built-in wine fridge vents from the front so can be placed against a wall. Some freestanding wine fridges also vent from the bottom front and they can also be placed directly against the wall.

Freestanding wine fridges should ideally have 2-3 inches of space all around them and 12 inches above, so it's not ideal to place a freestanding wine fridge that vents from all around against a wall.

Can you put things on top of my wine cooler?

It's generally recommended to not place things on top of or directly flush to a freestanding wine cooler as this is how a unit vents. If the wine cooler can't cool properly it could over work and break. Try to leave 30cms of clear space above a freestanding wine cooler and 10cm either side.

If you're unsure of the best placement solution for your wine cooler, speak to us on live chat, we're happy to answer any wine cooler questions you may have.


Sarah newton

Author - Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton has worked in the wine industry for two decades holding senior positions at some of the UK wine industry's leading brands. The MD of Coolersomm, Sarah is WSET certified and our lead wine buyer too.