Small Freestanding wine fridges

There's a number of reasons customers choose a small freestanding wine fridges from just not drinking or collecting enough wine to warrant a large unit to simply not having the space. Today we're going to take you through our top 5 small freestanding wine fridges in order of popularity and list their best features and common reasons why they are so popular.

What features can I expect in a small freestanding wine cooler?

Before we list our bestsellers, let's firstly go through some of the common features you'll need to look out for when choosing a small freestanding wine fridge

  • Dual Zone - Small freestanding units are already compromised on space so most are single zones to give the most bottle capacity but some units are dual zone. If you want to serve wine at both red and white temperatures then you'll need a dual zone.
  • Positioning - Are you looking for a table-top unit, one that can be placed near to other furniture or a unit that can stand completely alone? Depending on how the unit vents will dictate where in the home it can be placed. Most freestanding units need a few cms of space all around them and 30cm above to vent freely, however some, like some Swisscaves and Dunavox units don't need that space.
  • Carbon Filter - If you want to use your wine fridge for partial or full wine maturation then look out for a carbon/charcoal filter.
  • Space for Champagne - With such a small space, Champagne bottles can often be a squeeze in some units. Check the description to ensure Champagne bottles can fit inside your unit if you need to keep Champagne chilled in your wine fridge.

Top 5 small freestanding wine fridges

The flexible choice - Swisscave WL155DF

Suitable as an undercounter or a freestanding wine fridge thanks to the front venting grille, this Swisscave can be placed anywhere in the home making it a flexible choice for the renter or those likely to move the unit around their home. The dual zone temperature compartments also allow the service or storage of any colour wine and the carbon filter means the wine cooler can also be used for wine storage.

The countertop option - Dunavox DXFH-16.46

One of just a few counter-top units, the Dunavox DXFH-16.46 is popular due to being a table-top unit but also being incredibly stylish and allowing space for open bottles in the wine cooler. This table-top wine cooler is ideal for those looking for a stylish, small capacity wine cooler that is both quiet and reliable and can be housed in a variety of rooms around the home/office. Although small, due to the space at the front for standing bottles, this wine cooler can store white wine, red wine and even Champagne bottles.

The dual zone - Climadiff CD41B1

The most popular dual zone from the Climadiff expert wine service range, this 41 bottle dual zone freestanding wine cooler offers the reliability of this premium brand plus a dual temperature zone, modern aesthetic and optimal space saving dimensions making it ideal for placement anywhere in the home, including a counter-top. With the ability to store 41 bottles, the CD41B1 is one of the best value, premium compact wine coolers at this price point.

The Climadiff CD41B1 has two temperature zones with the top zone setting between 5-12°C  and holding 20 bottles and the lower zone setting between 12-20°C with the ability to hold 21 bottles. These two zones allow for the perfect serving temperatures for all style of red or white wine from cru Beaujolais to the finest Bordeaux in the red zone or crisp new world Sauvignon Blancs through to the Grand Cru Burgundy in the white zone.

The best sellerLa Sommeliere SLS34DZ

The La Sommeliere SLS34DZ is an exceptionally quiet and economical, dual zone wine cooler that benefits from a modern aesthetic and efficient space-saving design from premium wine fridge producers; La Sommeliere.  The slimline design in black makes for an attractive addition to any home.

Benefitting from two temperature zones which can be set between 5-10°C in the upper compartments and 10-20°C in the lower, this wine cooler is designed for service and will keep red, white and sparkling wines at the ideal temperature. The upper zone holds 15 bottles while the lower zone holds 18 bottles.

The funky all-star - Swisscave WL120F

Introducing the funkiest of all our freestanding small capacity wine coolers, the Swisscave WL120F. This medium capacity wine fridge can accommodate 35 bottles of wine and comes in a range of stylish colours, white, red and black. If you're looking for a premium wine cooler around £1000 with a small bottle capacity this model is a popular choice. This unit is available in black, white or red.

So whether you're interested in a single zone, dual zone, a wine cooler for wine maturation or wine service, one that can be placed undercounter if necessary or moved around the home or just something ultra stylish, our top 5 small freestanding wine fridges should offer some food for thought. Coolersomm currently stock around 40 small freestanding wine coolers so if the choice is too difficult to make try speaking to one of our live chat representatives who will be able to help you with your purchase.

Sarah newton

Author - Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton has worked in the wine industry for two decades holding senior positions at some of the UK wine industry's leading brands. The MD of Coolersomm, Sarah is WSET certified and our lead wine buyer too.