Best Wine Coolers for Varied Wine Collections

Got a wine collection with Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace and Champagne shaped bottles and not sure which type of wine cabinet or wine cooler would suit you best? This week the blog focuses on our recommendations for the very best wine coolers to solve the problem of a varied and ever evolving wine collection.

Wine Lover #1 - The Bon Vivant

Let's be honest, the Bon Vivant loves their wine and drinks it fairly speedily too. This wine lover needs a wine cabinet that has shelving that can handle all types of bottles, space for magnums too, as well as a dual temperature zone so part of the fridge can be used for storage and part for service.

This wine lover is us and would benefit from a freestanding wine fridge! The wine coolers here at CoolerSomm HQ are the Swisscave Premium Editions and we would highly recommend the WLB-460DF-MIX to anyone who needs shelving that can handle a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes at more than one temperature zone.

The MIX range of shelving from Swisscave alternates between shelving designed to maximise space for Bordeaux shaped bottles alternating with those designed to maximise for Burgundy/Champagne (but all bottle shapes CAN be stored on all shelves if needed). So even as your wine collection evolves, your storage solution doesn't need too!

Wine Lover #2 - The Hoarder

This oenophile amasses bottles every month, from friends, from holidays, from the office, from parties, from wine club subscriptions they had forgotten to cancel and squirrels them away back home in an old wine cabinet that really needs replacing. But which wine cabinet would suit this collector and her ever expanding collection?

For large wine collections of multiple shapes and sizes we recommend the Climadiff range of wine cabinets, in this case, specifically the Climadiff RESERVE 300XL. With a winter system this wine cabinet can be housed in a garage or colder room of the house and with four reinforced shelves you can organise your different shaped bottles upon the shelves and house heavy mags on the ground floor. With space for 294 bottles your collection can grow completely out of control behind that sturdy, non see-through, door and no one need ever know.

These wine cabinets last for the long haul, uber-reliable and ideal for ageing wines over the years with the solid door, charcoal filter and set temperature control, this wine cabinet offers the best storage price to bottle ratio out there!

Wine Lover #3 - The Connoisseur

This chap knows what he likes and has the bottles to prove it. It's less likely the connoisseur has a rag-tag selection of odd bottles, but he will have secured (en-prem) 12 bottles cases from one cru that will neatly sit upon one shelf. A lover of Grower Champagne, aspiring, lesser known Cotes de Nuit premier crus, perhaps some wines from the Jura and 96 point Etna Rossos, this guy knows his cucumbers from his pickles and needs a storage solution to maximise space throughout the cabinet.

This wine lover needs a wine cooler that is kitted out in full shelving, no bottle stacking is acceptable, and he wishes to pull out the telescopic shelves of the cooler and peruse the wines at his own leisure. Quite right too. 

When only the best will do, why not turn to star on the rise, Dunavox and their Grande range. The dual zone DX-181-490SDSK offers no stacking, a stylish stainless steel finish and can be built seamlessly into your kitchen or stand alone as a freestanding wine cooler. The generous 10.5cm space between shelving rows allows even Champagne bottles to be stored on any shelf.

With this quiet, efficient wine cooler you'll hardly know it's there, unlike the connoisseur who owns it, who will be listing all its features at you over a glass of Clos de Tart.

Do you recognise one of these wine lovers? 

Sarah newton

Author - Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton has worked in the wine industry for two decades holding senior positions at some of the UK wine industry's leading brands. The MD of Coolersomm, Sarah is WSET certified and our lead wine buyer too.