What to expect on wine fridge delivery day?

What happens when your wine fridge is delivered?

You've placed your order with CoolerSomm for a brand new wine cooler - thanks very much!

You have a delivery date all set - very exciting!

You've cleared a nice path for the delivery people to position your wine cooler in your proposed spot - good work!

But what exactly does happen on delivery day?

Before the day of delivery arrives we will confirm with you a suitable date for you to take delivery of your order. First thing in the morning, on the day of delivery we will give you a time slot so you can avoid waiting in all day. An hour before delivery the driver will call to let you know that they are arriving soon.

What happens when the delivery people arrive?

The delivery team need somewhere to park. The van they arrive in may be a Luton van or it may be a 18 tonne lorry, if you have any access issues with deliveries to your house such as small roads, or no parking, you must let CoolerSomm know beforehand.

The delivery team need to know where to place your wine cooler. If the delivery is for the ground floor with few steps, this is a simple process for the team. However, if your wine cooler needs to go up or down flights of stairs, this again should be communicated to CoolerSomm before delivery so the team can bring the right tools for the job.

The team will unpack your wine cooler, place it in your chosen spot and take away the packaging for you too if you like. However, if you're concerned you may need to return your wine cooler be sure to keep the packaging as we can't accept returns without it except in the case of faulty units.

Signing for your new wine cooler?

When you receive your wine cooler check it over thoroughly. If you notice damage to the wine cooler do not sign for it and call CoolerSomm immediately, we can not guarantee a refund or replacement if you sign for damaged goods. Check the packaging the cooler arrives in, check all around the outside of the unit and inside too to look for damage. Does the door close properly? Are there any signs of damage at all?

It's rare that there is a problem with delivery but accidents do happen in transit and it's much easier for us to help you with any claim if you call us immediately and don't sign for damaged goods.

Turning on your new wine cooler?

Your wine cooler will come with instructions and every brand is different. We advise not to turn your wine cooler on for 24 hours after arrival although some brands say 12 hours. You can fill the wine cooler up with bottles while you're waiting for the big switch on. After all, a full wine cooler operates more efficiently than an empty one.

Enjoying your new wine cooler?

Now it's all set up and ready to roll it's time to enjoy your new wine cooler. A few top tips for ensuring longevity and efficient running...

1) Keep it filled up! This isn't just something we can say to our partners, it's actually true! A wine cooler that is half full operates less efficiently and with more temperature fluctuations than a full one. So, drink that bottle of Echezeaux and immediately replace it, guilt free!

2) Don't put things on top of, or directly next to, a freestanding wine fridge. A sure fire way to break your wine cooler is to stop it venting. Take note of where the hot air is expelled from your wine cooler and don't block this expulsion. With freestanding wine coolers it's best to leave a gap of 2-3 inches around it, unless otherwise stated.

3) Be mindful of very hot or very cold ambient temperatures or sudden changes in temperature. Many wine coolers have winter systems and can cope with temperature changes, but in very extreme cases it can cause a machine to work too hard and over time, fail. If you think you may have an issue with extreme heat or cold take measures to change the room temperature to something more suitable to the wine coolers operating temperature range.

4) It's tempting to look at your wine collection, but if you're constantly opening and closing the door this causes the wine cooler to have to work harder to maintain temperature - only use the wine cooler when you need to. 

5) Keep your wine cooler clean! Dirt and grit can get inside any appliance and cause havoc, try to keep your wine cooler clean and replace any parts that need replacing frequently such as carbon filters etc.

We hope you get many years of enjoyment from your new wine cooler.

Sarah newton

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Author - Sarah Newton

Sarah Newton has worked in the wine industry for two decades holding senior positions at some of the UK wine industry's leading brands. The MD of Coolersomm, Sarah is WSET certified and our lead wine buyer too.