La Sommeliere - Wooden Display Shelf - LAVIP02

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La Sommeliere - Wooden Display Shelf

The CLAVIP02 display shelf is made of solid oak. It is described as a "display" shelf as it has a shallow depth and is perfect for supporting the necks of bottles you wish to display in a vertical, semi-inclined position.

How do I install the CLAVIP02 display shelf?
The CLAVIP02 is quick and easy to install: simply place it on the slots provided inside your wine cellar. It is placed directly on the grooves already provided inside your refrigerated wine cabinet.

How does the CLAVIP02 display bottles of wine?
Picture yourself facing your wine cellar. If you have not yet acquired a display shelf, then all your bottles are stored horizontally, in a reclined position.

The CLAVIP02 fits over a "standard" shelf, one that occupies the full depth of your electric wine cellar. Because it is shallower than other CLAVIP shelves (24cm), you can sit your bottles on the lower shelf and place the necks against its edge. Easy and practical, right?

By "standard" shelf, we are referring to a CLAVIP01 wooden shelf or the CLAVIP06 sliding version from the Prestige range.

The CLAVIP02 shelf is compatible with which wine cellar?
The CLAVIP02 display shelf, a Prestige range wine cellar accessory, is compatible with the following La Sommelière wine cellars: VIP195N / VIP190 / VIP180 / VIP150 / VIP160 / CONTEMPRO190 / CONTEMPRO180 / CONTEMPRO160 / CONTEMPRO150.

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