Wine Cooler Brands 2022

Happy New Year to all our customers both past, present and future and all our partners and suppliers too! For today's blog, the very first of 2022, we're going to answer one of our most frequently asked questions: what are the differences between the different Wine Cooler Brands and which is the right brand for you?


Along with Eurocave, Swisscave is the premium wine cooler brand available in the UK. With two models, the Classic and Premium editions, and a range of sizes, almost all Swisscave units can be utilised as either freestanding or built in units and come in either single or dual zone. All Swisscave units come with premium features like winter systems, lockable doors and carbon filters which make the units ideal for the serious wine connoisseur. Swisscave also provide the only units in our current range where you can personally take control of the humidity settings with their HU range.

We recommend Swisscave to the serious wine aficionado with bottles to cellar and bottles to drink whose units can be built into your kitchen or stand alone in the home or restaurant. If you do buy a Swisscave you'll be keeping good company as these are the wine coolers of choice with Gordon Ramsay restaurants and the Savoy Hotel London plus many other Michelin star restaurants throughout the UK and Europe.

La Sommeliere

With the largest selection in our range and the widest too with cabinets, mini-fridges and everything in-between, La Sommeliere are our top selling wine cooler brand for good reason. Part of the Frio group, this French brand offers exceptional quality coupled with value for money and a reputation for durability.

The La Sommeliere range are often stylish, always durable and whilst most of their units are freestanding, a few built-in models are available for the kitchen too.

Our top selling wine cabinet is from La Sommeliere, their super popular ECS802Z as well as our top selling small freestanding unit, the SLS33DZ. Both of these units offer great value for money and are packed full of the latest La Sommeliere technology, benefitting from dual temperature zones and the famous La Sommeliere reliability.

We recommend a La Sommeliere for the wine lover who is looking for at least partial service from their wine cooler although the dual zones and stand alone cabinets are also ideal for long term maturation.


The Dunavox growth story is driven by their kitchen range but it's their freestanding range that offers real bang for its buck. Dunavox not only create beautiful wine coolers aesthetically, they also offer some of the longest warranties in the wine cooler industry with 3 years on parts and 5 on the compressor.

The Dunavox units look fabulous around the home, whether that's the ever popular, small freestanding unit ideal for the living room, the DFXH-54.150 or the magnificent Grande units that grace many a stately English home, visitors won't fail to be impressed by the good looks of a Dunavox.

We recommend the Dunavox units for those who need a reliable wine storage solution that also looks sleek and modern. The front facing, DX.143.468SS is a particular head turner!


Offering the best value for money of all our wine coolers are probably Vestfrost. This Danish brand started their refrigeration company in the medical field but more recently have turned their talents to wine storage. Their reliability and long warranties make them a favourite with commercial buyers.

In terms of value for money, the freestanding WFG185 has to be a contender for the award of best value wine cabinet. With the ability to hold almost two hundred bottles, multiple temperature zones, a charcoal filter and lockable door this wine cabinet has many of the features of those priced £1000 above it.

We recommend Vestfrost to those who value reliability and longevity over style and bells and whistles! Vestfrosts are often purchased by bars, restaurants and even church halls and social clubs due to their reliability and price.


Climadiff are the kings of the wine cabinet. If you're looking for affordable, reliable, long term storage of a large wine collection then Climadiff is the brand for you. The larger Climadiff wine cabinets all come with the features needed to store wine over the longer term, UV protected or solid doors, charcoal filters and winter systems to cope with any ambient temperature rises or falls.

The best selling unit in the Climadiff range is the near 300 bottle capacity CLA310A+, a real favourite amongst serious wine collectors for over a decade now. However, their range of smaller, service wine fridges are also very popular due to their space saving good looks.

We recommend Climadiff to the wine lover with a lot of wine to cellar over the longer term who wants an economical and reliable solution.

Wine Cooler Brands


The classy younger sister of Climadiff and another member of the Frio family, Avintage are the integrated and built-in wine cooler specialists with designs that will compliment any modern kitchen.

Of all our wine fridge brands it is Avintage that sells the most built-in and integrated wine cooler units thanks to their long term specialisation in this field and sophisticated French good looks.

We recommend Avintage to anyone who is looking for a premium wine cooler brand to really compliment their kitchen design. The Avintage wine coolers are famously quiet and reliable and economical to run, ideal for the modern kitchen.


Customers are always surprised to learn that Dometic are actually the largest wine cooler brand in the world. So many wine lovers in the UK know and love brands like Swisscave, Eurocave and Climadiff but it's actually Dometic who lead the way in worldwide sales; and it's not hard to see why.

What Dometic may lack in style and additional features to a Swisscave they make up for with value for money. Very few wine coolers pack as much tech for their pound as the Dometic range. Dometic also offer a very wide range of wine coolers from freestanding to built in of all sizes.

We recommend a Dometic to those who are looking for a solid and reliable brand to cellar their wine over the longer term, their range of high capacity wine cabinets are worth mentioning as incredible value for money.


The only British brand readily available on the market is Montpellier, ironically named after the French city!

The Montpellier range fills a very specific niche, that is for those wine lovers looking for a good capacity, low price yet premium wine cooler that will look amazing in the kitchen. These stainless steel units simply look great. However, the Montpellier range are built for service, if you're looking to cellar your wine over the longer term you'll find these units do not come with charcoal filters or winter systems. We recommend Montpellier to the wine lover who needs a great looking unit for service.


Are we saving the best for last? Many people would argue so. Liebherr undoubtedly offer very attractive, high quality wine coolers but they come at a price. As far as value for money, even at the premium end, we believe there's a case to argue for both Eurocave and Swisscave in both freestanding and built-in model categories.

However, Liebherr are the clear leaders in the premium kitchen market for wine fridges and hold that #1 status in most European countries. Our top selling EWTgw3583, full height integrated model looks stunning in any kitchen setting.

We recommend Liebherr for those looking for reliability, efficiency and stylish good looks in their kitchen.

So there you have it, a run down of the top wine cooler brands available to buy from CoolerSomm in 2022, if we have missed a vital question or you need some more help choosing the right wine cooler brand for you please reach out to us via live chat or give us a call!

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